Hemanshi Shah

Hemanshi Shah is a content contributor in Scripbox, she has completed her education from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics and a qualified Chartered Accountant.

value stocks

Value Stocks

Value stocks are underpriced stocks and the investment strategy of investing in value stocks is known as value investing. The concept of value investing was introduced in 1928 by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd. What Are Value Stocks? The 'Value'...

undervalued stocks

Undervalued Stocks

The term 'undervalue' signifies that something has a price lower than its real worth. When this term is used for stocks, it gives an idea that the stock is trading at a lower price than it should be. Thus, they are...

sweat equity shares

Sweat Equity Shares

The term "sweat equity shares" refers to shares that a firm issues to its directors or workers in exchange for contributing intellectual property rights, know-how, or any other kind of value addition in exchange for non-cash consideration or at a...

stock market indices

Stock Market Indices

The two well-known stock market indices in India are Nifty and Sensex. They indicate the overall performance of the stock market.  What are Stock Indices? Indexes are constructed based on a representative group of items from the entire universe and...

revenue expenditure

Revenue Expenditure

What is Revenue Expenditure? Revenue expenditure refers to the funds spent by a company to maintain the regular functioning of the system. It does not boost the profit-generating capacity of a company. It is the total cost incurred by a company...

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market capitalization

Market Capitalization

What is Market Capitalization? There are multiple criteria that investors have to look into before investing in any company. And one of them is market capitalization. Market capitalization refers to the total market value of the shares of a listed...

ltp in share market

LTP in Share Market

The prices of most stocks change every minute, or sometimes every second. The last traded price in the share market is the price at which the last trade happened.  What is LTP in Share Market? The entire concept of LTP...

global stock market indices

Global Stock Market Indices: Understanding the Basics

Investors use stock market indices to judge the market condition and compare the performance of their portfolios. Global stock market indices perform that task for global financial markets. What are Global Stock Market Indices? Stock market indices are indexes that...