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is bitcoin a bubble

Is Bitcoin a Bubble or should you Invest?

Should you invest in Bitcoin or control your urge? That’s a million dollar question today. Battle lines are drawn between Bitcoin fans and critics making this a tough one to conclude. In this short read, we look at Bitcoin movements,...

investing on sms whatsapp stock tips

Investing on SMS/WhatsApp stock tips? Beware!

Have you ever received a stock tip SMS or WhatsApp message? Most likely it’s a manipulator trying to loot you. These messages typically carry a fantasy about a hidden opportunity in a stock that it is going to move up...

5 ways get better investing

5 Ways To Get Better at Investing in 2024

You don't have to be an investment guru to decide on your investment portfolio. Making a sound investment plan requires more than research and a few tips and tricks. Here are 5 ways to get better at investing.  1. Start...

hdfc prudence fund renamed

HDFC Prudence Fund : Fund Review

One of India’s largest and most popular mutual fund scheme, HDFC Prudence Fund is all set to be merged and renamed to the new HDFC Balanced Advantage fund. HDFC Mutual Fund house has decided to make this change to comply with SEBI...

coffee can investing

Is Coffee Can investing better than Mutual Funds in India?

What is Coffee Can Investing? Coffee Can Investing approach refers to “buy and forget” to investing in shares of companies which have performed well consistently. The concept of coffee can investing has originated from the US markets, where it is...

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categorization of mutual funds

SEBI Categorization of Mutual Funds

Why Are Mutual Funds Being Recategorized? SEBI wants to make it easy for a customer to choose a mutual fund according to his needs and ability. According to the regulator, AMCs use these names as marketing tools to attract customers...

penny stocks

What are Penny stocks?

What are Penny Stocks? A penny stock is a relatively low-priced stock which has a smaller market capitalization. In India, stocks which trade under Rs. 10 falls in this category. penny stocks are thinly traded and even if the price zooms in...

it returns

What mistakes do people make when filing their IT returns?

Many of those who have to file their returns for the first time or those doing it at the last moment can end up making some critical mistakes. Here are the most common ones and how to avoid them.