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section 80ccd

Section 80CCD

Section 80CCD of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides for a tax deduction against a contribution made towards the National Pension Scheme and the Atal Pension Yojana. Section 80CCD provides for a tax deduction to the individual taxpayer on fulfillment...

income tax payment

Online Income Tax Payment

Income tax is a tax levied by the government of India on the income of every person. Once a person is liable for income tax payment to the government, a question arises as to how this tax payment can be...

long term capital gain tax

A Complete Guide To Long Term Capital Gains Tax

What is a Long Term Capital Gain Tax? Long term capital gain tax arises on the transfer or sale of a long-term capital asset. The prerequisite to a long term capital gain tax is that the asset must qualify to...

income tax slabs

Income Tax Slabs and Rates FY 2021-22 and AY 2022-23

The income tax slabs are applicable as per the net taxable income. Income tax is a tax levied on the net taxable income of a person. A person, here, includes an individual, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Association of person (AOP),...

capital gain

A Complete Guide To Capital Gains in India

An individual invests in different types of assets including mutual funds and shares. The capital gain or loss arises when an asset is sold. In this article,  we will cover capital gains and it’s  tax treatment for different assets What...

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