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Taxes in India – Type, Process & FAQ

Taxation is an important source of revenue for any government. This helps in the economic growth of a country along with infrastructure development in a country. The constitution of India gives the authority to the government of India to collect...

tax evasion

Tax Evasion

What is Tax Evasion? Any action intended to conceal, understate, or fraudulently disclose income to lower your income tax liability is considered tax evasion. Tax evasion includes failure in paying taxes on time or paying less than the actual tax...

tax avoidance

Tax Avoidance

What is Tax Avoidance? Tax avoidance refers to the use of legal means to avoid paying tax. This is majorly dependent on the tax laws of a specific country and the various provisions of the taxation laws in that country....

tax audit

Income Tax Audit under Section 44AB of Income Tax Act

What is an income tax audit under section 44AB? In India, various laws govern different types of audits like statutory audit, stock audit, cost audit. The core purpose of these audits is to ensure that the books of accounts are...

standard deduction income tax

Standard Deduction

What is the Standard Deduction in Income Tax? The standard deduction is beneficial for both the employers and salaried employees. For the employers, it would result in less administrative efforts in the processing of transport and medical bills. For the...

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Special Allowance

Many times we come across allowances such as transport, conveyance, uniform allowance, etc. These are special allowances that an employer offers to its employees regularly. These allowances have specific requirements and conditions for taxability. In this article we have covered...

self assessment tax

Self Assessment Tax

What is Self Assessment Tax? It is a well-known fact that every person has to pay tax on their income. There are various ways in which tax is collected by the government by way of advance tax, tax deducted at...

security transaction tax

Security Transaction Tax Meaning

Security Transaction Tax (STT) is a result of multiple tax evasions of capital gains tax. It was introduced to curb fraudulent transactions of tax evasion. The Government has announced STT in 2004 and was applicable from October 1st, 2004. Also,...