RBL FD Calculator

What is RBL FD Calculator?

RBL FD Calculator is an online tool that helps in estimating the returns from fixed deposit. It calculates the wealth gained and maturity amount you will receive with your investment in the RBL fixed deposit. Also, the Calculator considers the investment amount, tenure, interest rate, and compounding frequency to estimate the wealth gained and maturity amount. However, the RBL Bank Fixed Deposit Calculator only estimates the maturity amount and does not guarantee any returns. 

RBL FD Calculator Requirement

The RBL Bank FD calculator works on two different approaches, i.e. investment amount approach and the target amount approach. The following are the inputs required for the calculator – 

Investment amount Approach

  • Investment amount: The lumpsum investment amount you want to invest in RBL Bank FD.
  • Duration: The tenure of RBL FD in years.
  • Interest Rate: The interest income on RBL FD that appears automatically.
  • Compounding Period: The number of times the interest earns in a year. Also, you can select the compounding frequency from the drop-down.

Target Amount Approach

  • Expected Lumpsum Amount: The corpus you wish to accumulate from RBL FD investment.
  • Investment Duration: The tenure after you want your accumulated FD corpus. 
  • Interest Income: The interest income on RBL FD.
  • Compounding Period: The number of times the interest is compounded in a year. You can select the frequency from the drop-down. 

RBL FD Maturity Value Calculation

With the given inputs, the FD Calculator determines the following values:

Investment Amount Approach

The calculator automatically shows the interest and maturity amount in a graphical representation. 

Target Amount Approach

The calculator gives the investment amount needed to achieve the target and also estimates the interest you might earn. 

Under the approaches, the Calculator shows a tabular representation of opening balance, interest earned and closing balance for each year.

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