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A country needs funds to grow its economy. While approaching domestic sources is one way, approaching international sources is another way. There are two ways a country can get capital through international sources. Namely, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign...

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Difference between Fund Flow and Cash Flow

Cash and funds have different business functions and help formulate financial strategies. The physical currency available with a business is known as cash. Whereas, the total financial resources available with a business are its funds. Cash flow and fund flow...

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Momentum Indicators

Momentum indicators help traders understand the speed at which prices of a stock change. Furthermore, they also help in understanding the strength of the price movements. Momentum indicators complement other tools and indicators and help pinpoint the time period where...

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Bracket Order vs Cover Order

A bracket order and cover order are two types of intraday orders that traders can place to limit their losses. Both orders include an initial order of buy or sell. However, a bracket order has two additional reverse orders, while...

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Repo Rate

Repo Rates influence our economy largely. It is the rate of interest at which the RBI lends money to commercial banks or financial institutions. It lends the money against government securities. The changes in Repo Rates affect the economy by...

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Difference Between BSE and NSE

NSE and BSE are India's two largest stock exchanges, and they are the key components of the Indian Capital Market. Established in 1875, BSE is India's oldest stock exchange, and its benchmark index is SENSEX. Established in 1992, BSE is...


P/E vs P/B Ratio

The P/E ratio and P/B ratio are widely used financial metrics for analyzing a company's valuation. Both the ratios are relative valuation metrics that help one understand the company's financial health compared to its peers and the industry. P/E ratio...

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Stock Market Vs. Commodity Market

It is often difficult to choose the right asset for your investment goals from a plethora of investment options. From listed companies to precious metals like gold and also from crude oil to Agri produce, you can invest in anything....