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global stock market indices

Global Stock Market Indices: Understanding the Basics

Investors use stock market indices to judge the market condition and compare the performance of their portfolios. Global stock market indices perform that task for global financial markets. What are Global Stock Market Indices? Stock market indices are indexes that...

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Funds From Operations

What is Funds From Operations (FFO)? As the name suggests, Funds From Operations (FFO) is the fund or cash generated from the operating activities of the business. The operating activities mean the core business activities. These cash flows exclude activities...

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Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are two different mechanisms that help in analysing the financial markets. Fundamental analysis, as the name suggests, looks at the fundamental aspect of the business. Also, it takes into account the financial and economic factors...

fund flow statement

Fund Flow Statement

A funds flow statement is a statement that comprises the inflows and outflows of funds. It includes the sources of funds and application of funds for the particular period. Therefore, you can analyse the reasons behind the change in a...

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Fully Convertible Debentures

Companies or Governments issue debentures to raise capital from the public as a loan. Also, there are different types of debentures that a company can issue based on its fund requirement. Thus, a convertible debentures is one among them, where...

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Free Float Market Capitalization

What is Market Capitalization? Market capitalization is also known as market cap. It is a method or a term to describe the current share price and the total number of outstanding shares against its market worth. It is one of...

forward contract

Forward Contract

What is Forward Contract? A forward contract is a type of derivative, which is an agreement between two or more parties whose value is tied to an underlying asset. For instance, the underlying assets for the derivatives can be commodities,...

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Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI)

What is Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI)? Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) involves investing in securities and financial assets in another country than a home country. The securities include stocks or American Depository Receipts (ADR) of companies in an overseas country. Also,...