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Small Cap Stocks

What are Small Cap Stocks? Small cap stocks in India are shares of companies whose market capitalisation is less than INR 5,000 crore. These companies, for the most part, aren't very well known and do not have a long track...

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Mid Cap Stocks

What is Mid Cap Stocks in India? Mid cap stocks are shares of companies whose market capitalisation is more than INR 5,000 crore and less than INR 20,000 crore. A mid-cap stock's market capitalisation is typically one-fifth that of large-cap...

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​​Large Cap Stocks​​

What are Large Cap Stocks? Large cap stocks are shares of companies whose market capitalisation is more than INR 20,000 crore. These companies are known to be more stable than mid-cap companies or small-cap companies. Furthermore, their track record and...

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Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement is a statement that comprises the cash inflows and also outflows of the company operations. Also, it shows the company’s ability to generate cash and clear its debt obligations. Therefore, you can analyse the reasons behind...

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Perpetual Bonds

There are multiple investment options available for investors in the market. Investors can choose from different asset markets and invest their capital based on their understanding of risk and expectations of return after a particular time. Debt instruments are among the...

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Covered Bonds

There are different refinancing debt instruments available in the financial market. Issuers can choose any type of debt instrument to raise capital based on their requirement. Also, this gives different investors opportunities to invest in various instruments creating a portfolio...

callable bond

Callable Bond

What are Callable Bonds? A callable bond is a type of bond that provides the issuer with a right but not an obligation to redeem the bond before its maturity date. This bond allows the issuing company to clear its...

puttable bonds

Puttable Bonds

What are Puttable Bonds? A puttable bond is a type of bond that provides the bondholders with a right to sell the bond to the issuer before its maturity date. In other words, the bondholders can force the issuer to...