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sweat equity shares

Sweat Equity Shares

The term "sweat equity shares" refers to shares that a firm issues to its directors or workers in exchange for contributing intellectual property rights, know-how, or any other kind of value addition in exchange for non-cash consideration or at a...

inflation indexed bonds

Inflation Indexed Bonds

What are Inflation Indexed Bonds? Inflation is bad for investments. How is that? High inflation eats into your profits, reducing your actual return. The inflation in November 2022 was close to 7%, indicating that if you made 10% on your...

what is free cash flow

What is Free Cash Flow?

Free Cash Flow (FCF) is the amount of money that a corporation generates after deducting cash outflows for operating expenses and capital asset maintenance. Depending on the audience and the data provided, there are different approaches to calculating FCF. Meaning...

put call ratio

Put Call Ratio

What is Put Call Ratio? A Put Call Ratio or PCR is a derivative indicator used by traders to gauge the overall sentiment of the market. This ratio uses the volume of put and call options on a market index...

Irredeemable debentures

Irredeemable Debentures

What is Irredeemable Debentures? Irredeemable debentures are a type of debenture that cannot be redeemed during the lifetime of the company. Investors can only redeem if the company is winding up. The debenture holders enjoy an interest in these instruments...

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what is yield curve

What is Yield Curve?

Meaning of Yield Curve The yield curve is a graphical representation of interest rates of different bonds having similar credit quality but different maturities. The x-axis represents the maturity, and the y-axis represents the interest rates. It tells how much...

interim dividend

What is Interim Dividend?

Meaning of Interim Dividend When a company pays dividends prior to the annual general meeting (AGM) of the company and the release of financial statements is known as an interim dividend. The company distributes the interim dividend in combination with...

capital expenditure

Understanding the Meaning and Importance of Capital Expenditure

What is Capital Expenditure? Capital expenditure refers to the expenditure done by a business to acquire, upgrade, or maintain long-term assets to increase productivity or capacity. Long-term assets consist of tangible, immovable, non-consumable assets with a useful life of more...