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investment club

What is Investment Club and How to Start it in India

What is Investment Club? Investment clubs are formed when a group of individuals collectively pool their money to invest it. All the members of the group share the benefits of the investments. With collective investments, comes lower transaction cost. Moreover,...

personal finance terms

Call Option

What is a Call Option? A call option (CE) is a derivative contract where the buyer has the right but not an obligation to purchase the underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specific expiration date. The underlying asset...

personal finance terms

What is Put Option

What is a Put Option? A put option (PE) is a derivative contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to sell the underlying asset on a specific date at a predetermined price. Traders can use this...

Money Management For Students

Bond Market in India

The bond market, often known as the debt market or the credit market, allows investors to buy and sell debt instruments as well as issue new debt. Government bonds are a significant component of the bond market due to their...

us stock market timings

US Stock Market Opening and Closing Timings

US Stock Market Timings A stock market is a barometer of the economic health of the country. The world is a global economy, and trade takes place at a global level. Investors and traders look for opportunities to trade all...

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what is demat account

What is Demat Account?

Demat account is also known as a Dematerialized account. The primary use of Demat account is to hold shares and securities in an electronic format. It helps you in online trading like buying or selling shares, or converting physical shares...

cumulative preference shares

Cumulative Preference Shares

What are Cumulative Preference Shares? Cumulative preference shares give shareholders the right to receive cumulative dividend payouts from the company even if they are not profitable. These dividends will be counted as arrears in years when the company is not...

what is bonus share

What is Bonus Share?

Meaning of Bonus Share Bonus Shares are the shares where the company issues additional number of shares to the existing shareholders of the company without incurring any additional cost. These are the company's cumulative earnings that company converts into free...