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investment options

Investment Options in India

What are Investment Options? Investment happens when you buy certain assets in the expectation of earning a certain growth rate in a defined time period. The returns are generated when the value of assets grows. In simple terms, the assets...

mutual fund riskometer

Mutual Fund Riskometer

What is Riskometer in Mutual Fund? Like all other investment vehicles, mutual funds include some degree of risk. Prior to investing, it is critical to weigh these risks. A mutual fund riskometer can assist you with it. Typically, investment decisions...

dsp blackrock

DSP BlackRock

Is it good to invest in DSP BlackRock? DSP mutual fund is a joint venture between a 150-year old Indian financial firm DSP and Blackrock, an American Investment firm. However, in 2018, DSP purchased back its 40% share from DSP...

closed ended funds

Closed Ended Funds

Closed-ended funds are mutual funds that have a fixed lock-in period and maturity. Unlike open-ended funds, the units of these funds trade on the stock exchanges just like shares. Though the value of the fund is derived through NAV, the...

zero coupon bonds

What is a Zero Coupon Bond?

Zero coupon bonds are fixed income securities that don't pay any interest. At the time of maturity, the investor is paid the face value or par value. These bonds come with 10-15 years maturity. Hence, they trade at a deep...

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categorization of mutual funds

SEBI Categorization of Mutual Funds

Why Are Mutual Funds Being Recategorized? SEBI wants to make it easy for a customer to choose a mutual fund according to his needs and ability. According to the regulator, AMCs use these names as marketing tools to attract customers...

blue chip

Blue Chip Stocks

What are Blue Chip Stocks? Blue Chip Stocks are shares of Blue chip companies that are well established and mature companies. These companies have made their mark in their industry or sector. People often consider them as pillars of the...

swp in mutual funds

SWP in Mutual Funds

What is SWP in Mutual Fund? Withdrawing from a mutual fund scheme in phases is generally more practical and useful than taking out all your money at once. With systematic withdrawal plans, you can plan and withdraw only what's necessary...