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When are the mutual funds units allotted to me?

SEBI has decided to temporarily reduce the cut off timings to process your investment. The timing stands revised  from 1 PM to 11 AM. We will let you know once the changes are reversed.

The date of allotment of mutual fund units depends on the payment method selected by you to make the investment.

Investment via Net Banking & UPI: 

  • If you have transferred money using the Net Banking or UPI payment method before 11 AM on a working day, then the mutual fund units will be allotted to you for the same day itself.
  • If you have transferred money after 11 AM, then the mutual fund units will be allotted to you for the next working day. Scripbox will clearly show you the date of the investment.

Automated transfer based on linking your bank account

  • You can expect the mutual funds units to be allotted to you within 2 (maximum 3) working days from the scheduled date of your investment. 

For example:

January 10: The date on which you have scheduled your investment

January 10: Money get transferred from your bank account

January 11: We receive confirmation of transfer from your bank

January 11: We inform the mutual fund company/s on your investment instruction and send your details. Units get allotted to you 

January 12: You receive confirmation from the mutual fund company/s and Scripbox on your successful investment/s.

Please note that the above example assumes all days are working days. In case of holidays or weekends, the next working date will need to be considered. So, if 11th and 12th are on Saturday or Sunday, the entire process will only be completed by the 14th.

​Your Mutual Fund Investments will reflect as successful in the Scripbox account by the next working day once your investments are successfully confirmed by the Mutual Fund Companies in which you have invested through us.

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If you need further assistance please feel free to reach us at 1800-102-1265