Are Indian markets maturing?

One of the reasons for increased maturity is the variety of participants in the markets.


What Spirituality Can Teach You About Money (And Why It Matters)

Most spiritual thought leaders clearly seem to respect the importance of prosperity and financial security for your family. It is clear that financial security is important to achieve your personal and social goals in life. No matter what religion we...


6 reasons why investing in equity mutual funds is better than buying stocks

Here's an interesting fact about India. Compared to other countries, individual investors in India hold more stocks in their name, than they hold mutual funds. Only about 3% of the total market cap in India is held through equity Mutual...


Save Additional Rs 3.7 Crores When You Retire with These Smart Money Saving Tips

Ultimately, a few resourceful choices can lead to a dramatic acceleration in the journey towards financial freedom.


Can A Long Term Investor Improve Their Return By Investing In Mid/Small Caps?

This article is no longer current. With the introduction of standardised fund categories, fund mandates have become more specific and some portfolios will require specific allocation to mid caps.

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What’s Better? Investing in Equity Mutual Funds or Directly in Stocks

We conducted a study to compare the performance of Indian equity funds to that of the stock market and found that equity mutual funds in India have been relatively consistent in outperforming the broader stock market.