Niharika Gupta

Niharika Gupta born and brought up in Kolkata. She has completed her graduation from St. Xaviers' College, Kolkata. She is a qualified company secretary and pursuing CA finals. She writes content on taxation, mutual funds and company law.

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Capital Small Finance Bank RD Interest Rates

About Capital Small Finance Bank Recurring Deposit(RD) On April 24, 2016, Capital Small Finance Bank Limited, previously Capital Local Area Bank, commenced operations as India's first small finance bank. The Bank pioneered modern banking facilities for rural areas at low...

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UCO Bank RD Interest Rates

About UCO Bank Recurring Deposit You can add to your savings with the UCO Recurring Deposit at your convenience. With your regular paycheck, you can begin saving any fixed amount each month, ranging from 100 to less than 10 Lakh....

cost inflation index

Cost Inflation Index (CII)

What is Cost Inflation Index (CII)? In general, as inflation rises, so do the prices of goods. As a result, the purchasing power of money falls. For example, if you can buy ten units of some products for Rs. 1,000...

interim dividend

What is Interim Dividend?

Meaning of Interim Dividend When a company pays dividends prior to the annual general meeting (AGM) of the company and the release of financial statements is known as an interim dividend. The company distributes the interim dividend in combination with...

what is bonus share

What is Bonus Share?

Meaning of Bonus Share Bonus Shares are the shares where the company issues additional number of shares to the existing shareholders of the company without incurring any additional cost. These are the company's cumulative earnings that company converts into free...

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cumulative preference shares

Cumulative Preference Shares

What are Cumulative Preference Shares? Cumulative preference shares give shareholders the right to receive cumulative dividend payouts from the company even if they are not profitable. These dividends will be counted as arrears in years when the company is not...