Arjun Ramnath

Arjun is a seasoned product manager who consistently shipped features across various software problem domains: banking, payments, personal finance, social networking and retail; with some exposure to sales, data science and consulting.

whats a debt mutual fund

What’s A Debt Mutual Fund And What Makes Its Price Go Up Or Down?

The money you invest is used by the mutual fund to buy a mix of government or corporate bonds that pay regular interest. The money thus invested in debt funds is relatively safer than equity investments, because the government will always pay back its “debt”!

how do debt investments work

How Do Debt Investments Work?

When you buy units of a debt fund, you essentially help an institution take a loan. Read more to find out how.

share price of a company

What Makes The Share Price Of A Company Go Up?

Prices go up because every minute of every day, materials are being transformed into products by entities all around you. You’re doing so too, right now in your own company, before you took the break to read this.

what determines the price or nav of an equity mutual fund

What Determines The Price Or Nav Of An Equity Mutual Fund?

For your curious soul, this short read explains what makes the price of your funds fluctuate.

price of an equity mutual fund

What Makes The Price Of An Equity Mutual Fund Go Up, Or Down?

Is it real-time events, news items or something else entirely?

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how does my money actually grow in mutual funds

How Does My Money Actually Grow in Mutual Funds?

Unlike in a savings bank account or FD, you don’t get interest in mutual funds. So how does your money grow?

my 3 struggles in reaching epf awesomeness

My 3 Struggles In Reaching EPF Awesomeness

In order to setup my PF account to enable electronic withdrawals, I recently tried to seed my Aadhar number in the EPF UAN portal and went through some struggles that many of you are likely to go through, or are already going through.

your secret stash of rs 1cr or more

Your Secret Stash Of Rs 1 Crore Or More

Did you know you’re building a secret saving of over Rs. 1 Cr in something called the Employee Provident Fund (EPF)!?