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VeriSign, Inc.

VeriSign, Inc.

TechnologyLarge Cap 
  • $ 197.16

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  • -$ 3.44(-1.71%)

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About the company

VeriSign, Inc.

VeriSign, Inc. provides domain name registry services and Internet security worldwide. The company offers registry services that operate the authoritative directory of .com, .net, .cc, .tv, and .name domain names, as well as the back-end systems for .gov, .jobs, .edu, and other domain names. Its registry services allow individuals and organizations to establish their online identities. The company also provides infrastructure assurance services consisting of distributed denial of service protection services, Verisign iDefense security intelligence services, and managed domain name system services. It serves financial institutions, software-as-a-service providers, e-commerce providers, and media companies, as well as governmental and quasi-governmental organizations through direct sales and indirect channels. VeriSign, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.
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    Total Revenue
    $ 356.900 M
    Cost of Revenue
    $ 50.000 M
    Gross Profit
    $ 306.900 M
    Operating Income
    $ 236.800 M
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Price chart

$ 202.12

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$ 0.00

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-$ 3.44 (-1.71%)

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Previous Close
$ 200.60
Open Price
$ 199.72
52 Week High
$ 228.80
52 Week Low
$ 155.25
PE Ratio
Avg. Volume
Market Cap
$ 20.678 B


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of VeriSign, Inc. share today in India?

Today, on 2nd Mar 2024, the price of VeriSign, Inc. Shares in India is $ 197.16.

What was the highest VeriSign, Inc. share stock price?

The highest VeriSign, Inc. stock price was $ 228.8 till 2nd Mar 2024 within the past 52 weeks.

What is the lowest price of VRSN shares?

The lowest VRSN stock price was $ 155.25 on 2nd Mar 2024 within the past 52 weeks.

How to buy VRSN shares in India?

You can buy VRSN shares in India through Scripbox in just 4 simple steps. The process is simple, seamless, and paperless.
  • Create an account and submit KYC documents
  • On successful KYC, transfer amount required for investment
  • Invest in US stocks
  • Track and manage investments through Scripbox dashboard

Is VeriSign, Inc. shares Listed on NSE or BSE?

No, VRSN shares are not listed on NSE or BSE. VeriSign, Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Can I buy VeriSign, Inc. shares in India?

Yes, you can buy VeriSign, Inc. shares in India by simply opening an account with Scripbox.

Can I buy fractional shares of VeriSign, Inc.?

Yes, you can buy fractional shares of VeriSign, Inc. with Scripbox.

What is the P/E ratio for VeriSign, Inc. shares?

As on 2nd Mar 2024, the P/E ratio for VeriSign, Inc. shares is 31.6.

What is the traded volume of VeriSign, Inc. shares?

As on 2nd Mar 2024, the traded volume for VeriSign, Inc. shares is 539.130 undefined.

What is the market capitalization of VeriSign, Inc. shares?

VeriSign, Inc. shares has a market capitalization of $ 20.678 B.