PNB SIP Calculator

What is PNB SIP Calculator?

PNB SIP Calculator is an online tool that helps in estimating the returns from a SIP investment. This calculator works on the given inputs and provides output in both graphical and tabular format. The SIP calculator considers the monthly investment amount, tenure, expected rate of return, and the step-up rate to estimate the potential wealth gained and maturity amount. However, the calculator only estimates the maturity amount and does not guarantee any returns. 

PNB SIP Calculator Requirement

The PNB SIP Calculator works on two different approaches, i.e. investment amount approach and the target amount approach. The following are the inputs required for the calculator – 

Investment amount Approach

  • Monthly Investment amount: The monthly amount you want to invest in PNB SIP.
  • Expected Growth Rate: The returns expected from PNB SIP.
  • Investment Duration: The tenure for your SIP investment in years.
  • Step-up Percentage: You can invest an additional amount to your monthly SIP investment every year by step-up %.

Target Amount Approach

  • Expected Target Amount: The corpus you wish to accumulate from PNB SIP investment at the end of the investment period.
  • Expected Growth Rate: The expected growth from your PNB SIP.
  • Investment Duration: The period after you want your accumulated corpus. 
  • Step-up Percentage: The projected increase in your investment amount every year based on your income growth. 

PNB SIP Maturity Value Calculation

With the given inputs, the SIP calculator determines the following values:

Investment Amount Approach

The calculator automatically shows the potential gains and maturity amount in a graphical representation during the investment tenure. Additionally, the Scripbox’s SIP calculator estimates the maturity amount based on three growth scenarios. They are above-average returns, average returns and below-average returns.

Target Amount Approach

The calculator will automatically estimate the SIP target amount, which you have to invest every month to achieve your required financial goal. 

Under both approaches, the SIP Calculator shows a tabular representation of investment amount, tenure, interest earned and maturity amount. Also, in the table, you can easily identify the step-up value for each year. 

How to use the PNB SIP Calculator?

You can use the PNB SIP calculator online for free by visiting the Scripbox website. You can choose any approach depending on your requirement. Enter the monthly SIP amount or target amount, expected growth rate, investment tenure, and step up percentage. Finally, the calculator will compute the maturity amount or the target SIP amount required based on the approach chosen by you.