What are the steps to place a withdrawal request from my US Stocks account, where my source bank is in India but the destination bank is in a different country?

  1. You need to send a withdrawal request letter with the required details mentioned below:
    • Your name
    • Your Stockal account number
    • Withdrawal amount in USD ($)
    • Reason for the withdrawal
    • Why it is requested to a different country
    • Destination bank’s Bank account number
    • Your name as per the destination bank’s record
    • Destination bank’s IFSC
    • Specify the customer’s relationship with the bank (in the different country)
  2. Last 3 months bank statement / recommendation letter from the bank (in case of a new bank account)
    • Request you to print, sign and email the scanned copy of the letter to partnersupport@stockal.com 


  1. There will be a $10 fee applicable on your withdrawal amount.
  2. The minimum amount to place the withdrawal should be greater than $10

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