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Shriram Mutual Fund

With an AUM of Rs 563 crores, Shriram Mutual Fund offers 6 schemes across different categories including 2 equity, 1 debt, and 3 hybrid mutual funds. Know the SHRIRAM MF scheme details, historical returns, compare and invest in Best Shriram Mutual Funds. Invest in mutual fund schemes that suit your investment objectives, risk level, and fund options.



₹ 564 Cr

Total AUM

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Shriram Mutual Fund Details

Shriram Asset Management Co Ltd
₹ 563 Crores
5 December 1994
Incorporation Date
27 July 1994
Shriram Credit Company Ltd.
Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh
Contact Number
Email Id
Board of Trustee
Office Address
CK-6, 2nd Floor, Sector II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091

Top Shriram Mutual Fund Managers

How to Invest in Shriram Mutual Funds?

Scripbox makes mutual fund investment easy and straightforward. Scripbox is an online platform that allows mutual funds investments with just a click. An individual can follow the following steps to invest in mutual funds through Scripbox:

  1. Visit Scripbox’s website to Begin the Investment Journey: Visit the Scripbox’s website and click on the button “Let’s get started”. Furthermore, it displays a list of goal-based investment options that an individual can choose from. All that one has to do is choose from the various financial goals on the basis of their requirement to invest in mutual funds. To proceed, click on the “Continue” button.
  2. Signup and Create Account: To start mutual fund investments, an individual has to create an account with Scripbox. Therefore, one can create Scripbox account using their e-mail id. On creating the account and logging in, the amount of investment and a list of payment options are available for an investor to choose. The investor has to enter the investment amount in the provided space. Also, one can choose between lumpsum or SIP investments. By clicking on either “One-time” or “Every month SIP” payment option, they can set a frequency for their investment. Additionally, one can use Scripbox’s calculators to estimate potential returns from mutual fund investments. To determine the potential returns from SIP investments, an individual can use the SIP Calculator. On the other hand, to estimate lumpsum investment returns, one can use the lumpsum calculator. Furthermore, one can click on “See Recommended Funds” buttons to view the recommended mutual funds. The list displays the mutual funds that Scripbox recommends for their investors.
  3. Checking the Plan and Fund Allocation: In this step, one can see the list of shortlisted funds and the investment amount for each mutual fund. It is important to check all the details at this step before proceeding ahead. If an investor wishes to change the investment amount and the mutual funds they can do so by clicking “I want to change funds/amount”. This will allow them to change the investment portfolio to suit their requirements. Clicking on the “Next” bottom will take the individual to the last step of making the payment.
  4. Bank Details and Money Transfer: In the last step, the investor can complete their investment process by providing bank account details and PAN card details. This allows Scripbox to process mutual fund investment. Also, Scripbox provides a secure environment, and the bank details will only be used for investing and crediting redemption proceeds.

KYC Required to Invest in Shriram Mutual Fund

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a client identification mechanism. SEBI prescribes and mandates the KYC requirement. Therefore, all investors have to be KYC compliant to be able to invest in SEBI registered mutual funds. The KYC form includes the following details: identity, address, demographics, financial status, and occupation of the individual.

Additionally, you can complete your KYC process online through Scripbox. Resident Indians and PIO residing in India should provide the following documents for KYC:

  • Pan Card
  • Photograph
  • Address proof (Aadhar Card (Front & Back)/Driving License/Passport/Voter ID Card)
  • KYC Authorisation Letter. (On a plain sheet of paper, an individual should write “I authorise Scripbox to do my mutual fund KYC” & sign below it)
  • Video Selfie: Record a video for 5 seconds facing the camera

You can upload clear colour scanned copies of your KYC documents during the registration itself. Or,
If you are an existing Scripbox user, you can message on Scripbox’s WhatsApp number +91-8884448026 or email your KYC documents to help@scripbox.com.

How to Download the Shriram Mutual Fund Investment Statement? 

The following steps help you download the Shriram mutual fund investment statement using the Scripbox App: 

  • Download the Scripbox app and enter your details to login
  • Go to the ‘Profile’ menu and choose the ‘Investment History’ option
  • Click on the button – ‘Email Me’. An email with a link to download your Scripbox Investment History will be sent to your registered email address. By clicking on the link, you can obtain the statement.

The excel statement includes the following details:

  • Orders Tab: It has the following information: folio number, investor name, fund name, amount invested, units allocated, NAV, STT and purpose.
  • Current Holding Tab: This section has the following details: fund name, number of units, current value of the investment, folio number and purpose.

Top Shriram AMC Fund Managers

Fund Manager NameType Of FundNumber of Schemes
Gargi Bhattacharyya BanerjeeEquity4
Kartik SoralEquity4

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Ms. Gargi Bhattacharyya Banerjee

Ms Banerjee is a fund manager at Shriram Mutual Fund. She has more than 19 years of experience in her professional career. Before joining the fund house as a research manager, she worked with Zacks Research Private Limited and Shriram Insight Share Brokers Limited as a Research Head. She has done her Master of Business Management with a specialisation in Finance from the University of Calcutta. Also, she has a Bachelor of Science with Economics (H) degree from the same university.

Currently, she manages the following funds: Shriram Balanced Advantage Fund (hybrid fund), Shriram Hybrid Equity Fund, Shriram Multicap Fund and Shriram Long Term Equity Fund.

Mr. Kartik Soral

Mr Soral is the Senior Fund Manager at Shriram AMC. He has more than 12 years of industry experience. Before joining Shriram, he was with YES Asset Management Limited, Edelweiss Asset Management Limited, Larsen & Toubro Limited and Deutsche Bank group. Mr Soral holds a Post Graduate Diploma Management holder from IIM Ahmedabad. Also, he is a chemical engineering graduate from IIT-BHU. Furthermore, Mr Soral is a CFA charter holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shriram mutual fund good?

Shriram Asset Management Company Limited operates Shriram mutual fund. Shriram MF leverages the financial know-how and market knowledge of its parent company. The fund managers at Shriram MF blend the value and growth style of investing for asset allocation. Furthermore, they follow a bottom-up approach to pick high-quality securities. Also, the fund managers have a long term perspective for investing paying equal attention to upside participation and downside protection.

Which is the best Shriram Mutual Fund?

Shriram offers four funds in the equity mutual fund category. The best Shriram mutual fund for an investor is the one that perfectly aligns to the investor’s goals. In other words, one must carefully choose Shriram funds that best align with their investment goals and objectives.

How can I start SIP in Shriram Mutual Fund Online?

One can invest in Shriram Mutual Fund online directly through Scripbox. Alternatively, they can invest in Shriram Mutual Fund through the fund houses’ website. Moreover, they can also invest in Shriram Mutual Fund through any other online platform or mobile application.

How to stop SIP in Shriram Mutual Fund online?

One can stop their SIP in Shriram Mutual Fund online by directly visiting the Shriram Mutual Fund website, logging in with the folio number, and stopping the SIP. Alternatively, they can also log in to the platform where they started the Shriram Mutual Fund investment and stop the SIP.

How to withdraw from Shriram Mutual Fund?

To withdraw money from Shriram Mutual Fund, one can visit the nearest Shriram Mutual Fund office and submit a form. Alternatively, they can visit the Shriram Mutual Fund website and redeem the investment by logging in with the folio number. They can also withdraw their Shriram Mutual Fund investments from any online portal where they first invested.

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