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ICICI Bank recurring deposits allow investors to invest in small amounts regularly for a fixed tenure. The Bank recurring deposit rate ranges between 4.25% – 6.20% p.a. for regular citizens. For senior citizens, the RD interest rates range between 4.75% – 6.75% p.a. Also, ICICI Bank recurring deposit interest rates are higher than its saving account rates.

ICICI Bank RD Details
Interest Rates4.50% – 7.0% p.a.
Tenure6 Months – Above 5 Years
Minimum Deposit AmountRs. 100
Withdrawal Charges1%
Pending Instalment1%

ICICI Bank RD Interest Rates 2022

Senior Citizen RatesNormal RatesTenure
6.76.23 years to 5 years
6.756.15 years to 10 years
6.5630 months
6.5627 months
6.5633 months
6.5636 months
6.35.815 months
6.35.824 months
6.35.821 months
6.35.818 months
6.35.812 months
5.559 months
4.754.256 months

*ICICI Bank RD Interest rates are percentage per annum for both normal and senior citizens

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICICI bank’s minimum recurring deposits amount?

Yes, ICICI Bank recurring deposit account requires a minimum deposit amount of INR 100 per month, and also there is no maximum limit on the deposit amount. 

Can I open a ICICI recurring deposit account for a minor?

Yes, a minor can open ICICIC Bank recurring deposit account, however under the guardianship of their parents or legal guardian.

How to apply for ICICI Bank RD?

One can open an ICICI Bank recurring deposit account through offline and also online modes. To be able to invest in ICICI RD, one needs to have the following valid documents.
For identity proof, one needs to have the following:
driving license,
voter ID,
Aadhar card,
PAN card,
senior citizen card,
For residence proof, one needs to have the following:
utility bills,
bank statement with cheque,
certificate given by Post Office.

Is it possible to renew an ICICI RD account?

No, it is not possible to renew an ICICIC Bank RD account.

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