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We have listed various Mutual Fund schemes across different asset classes along with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision. You can filter as per the funds based on the categories of mutual funds. The screener will help you analyze the funds on parameters like fund type, AUM, minimum amount, age, and returns.

About Sundaram Asset Management Company

Sundaram Mutual Fund AMC was established in 1996. It is a fully owned subsidiary of NBFCs - Sundaram Finance Limited (SFL). They have an overall 20 years of experience in fund management.

Sundaram Asset Management Company offers a wide variety of products. It caters to the investment needs of investors with varied risk, financial goal, and liquidity preferences.

Like every other Company, this company too has a history of acquisitions and counter- acquisitions. 

Currently, Sundaram Finance Limited is one of the largest and oldest financial institutions in India. Its current reported net asset is worth over 34,000 crore whereas annual gross revenue is over Rs. 5000cr.

Sundaram Asset Management Company is true to its brand name. They strive to make mutual funds easily accessible to everyone. With its commitment to render high investment services, it has put forth every possible way to expand its service.

They have their presence with over 93 branches across the country. They have established their presence in Dubai and are a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore as well.

It has about 3.3 million investors and an overall 23 years of expertise in fund management

Sundaram AMC has a reach over its investors through the following products like:

  1. Equity Funds, equity hybrid, multi-cap funds, large-cap funds, mid-cap funds.
  2. Money Fund, Banking and PSU debt funds.
  3. Rural and consumption fund, services fund, tax saver ELSS, etc.
  4. These plans cater to the investors risk-taking capacity, financial goals and liquidity preference. 

Sundaram AMC has an expert team of managers which are considered the backbone of the Fund Management team. With innovative thought in leadership, Sundaram has been the first to launch theme funds. These finds include Mid-caps, CAPEX, Leadership, Rural India, and Micro Caps and services.

The objective of the Sundaram Asset Management Company is to enhance the value for its shareholders. Besides, it also aims to uphold the highest degree of ethics.

How to Invest in Sundaram Funds via Scripbox

Investing in Sundaram Mutual Fund online via Scripbox is an easy and convenient process. All you need to do is follow the following steps mentioned below:-

Step 1 - Firstly visit the Scripbox Website for a list of Investment Plans:

  • On the Scripbox Homepage click on the “Let’s Get Started” button. This will unlock a list of investment options as per your life goal.
  • To start investing in Mutual Fund Scheme, firstly pick any of the options best suited to your financial goal.
  • Now, click on “Continue” to proceed with Mutual Fund Investment.

Step 2 – Secondly now sign up to create an account:

  • If u are an existing Scripbox member, Sign in with your details.
  • When you sign in, a list of different investment options will appear on your screen.
  • Scripbox allows investors to select the payment option.
  • Next you can select "Every month SIP" or"One-time payment” option depending on your cash flow. The investment amount can be as per your financial goal and cash flow.
  • Subsequently, click on the “See Recommended Funds" to proceed for investment.

Step 3 – Thirdly check the Plan and Fund Allocation

  • A list of mutual fund schemes and the allocated amount for the selected plan is shown on this page. Read the details before proceeding ahead.
  • If you wish to change the fund or amount, you can do that. Just click on the option, "I want to change Funds/ Amount."
  • Now click on the "Next" button to make the payment.

Step 4 – Fourthly bank Details and Money Transfer

  • Lastly, you need to enter the bank account and PAN details. Scripbox provides a secure environment for payment.
  • A bank account is used for investing and crediting the redemption proceeds only.

KYC Required To Invest

 KYC stands for “Know Your Customer”. It helps in identifying an investor through relevant documents. SEBI has prescribed certain guidelines for KYC. An investor has to fulfill the KYC procedure before investing in a SEBI registered mutual fund. A KYC form will include details of identity, address, financial status, and demographic information.

You can get your KYC done with Scripbox. The following KYC documents are needed by Resident Indians and PIO residing in India:

  • Photograph
  • Pan Card
  •  Address proof. (Aadhar Card (Both Front & Back) / Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID Card)
  • KYC Authorisation Letter. (Please write on a paper that “I authorize Scripbox to do my mutual fund KYC” & sign below it)
  • Video Selfie: Record a video by facing the camera for 5 seconds.

One can upload the clear color scanned copies of their KYC documents during the registration itself. Otherwise, they could share your KYC documents at or WhatsApp it to us on +91-8884448026.

Top Sundaram Mutual Funds 

The following table shows the top performing Sundaram Funds :

Scheme Category  Asset Under Management (INR) 
Sundaram Money Fund Debt Fund Rs 3,468cr
Sundaram Banking And PSU Debt Fund Debt Fund Rs 1,620cr
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Hybrid Fund Rs 1,561cr
Sundaram Large and Mid Cap Equity Rs 1,113cr
Sundaram Rural And Consumption Fund Equity Rs 1,485
Sundaram Services Fund Equity Rs 1,074cr


Top Sundaram Equity Funds 

The following table shows the top performing Sundaram Equity Funds :

Scheme Category Asset Under Management (INR) 
Sundaram Large and Mid Cap Fund Equity Rs 665.12cr
Sundaram Equity Fund Equity Rs 531cr
Sundaram Mid Cap Fund Equity - Mid Cap Rs 4,790cr
Sundaram Small Cap Fund Equity - Small Cap Rs 887cr
Sundaram Select Focus Fund Equity Rs 1,012.19cr
Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund Equity - Diversified Fund Rs 2,794.45cr
Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund Equity - Advantage Fund Rs 626.67cr
Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund Equity - Opportunities Fund Rs 177.72cr
Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund Equity - Rural Rs 1,466cr
Sundaram Global Brand Fund Equity Rs 40cr
Sundaram Services Fund Equity Rs 1,067cr
Sundaram Smart Nifty 100 Equal Weight Fund Equity  Rs 21cr


Top Sundaram Debt Funds

The following table shows the top performing Sundaram Debt Funds :

Scheme Category Asset Under Managemenr (INR) 
Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund Debt- Corporate Bond Fund Rs 610.62cr
Sundaram Overnight Fund Debt - Overnight Fund Rs 675cr
Sundaram Medium Term Bond Fund Debt - Medium Term Rs 89.95cr
Sundaram Short Term Credit Risk Fund Debt - Credit Risk Fund Rs 131cr
Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund Debt - Ultra Short Term Rs 336cr
Sundaram Money Fund Debt - Money Fund Rs 204.15cr
Sundaram Banking and PSU Debt Fund Debt - Banking and PSU Rs 1,013.26cr
Sundaram Low Duration Fund Debt - Low Duration Rs 1,164.21cr


Top Sundaram Tax Saver Funds

The following table shows the top performing Sundaram Tax Saver Fund :

Scheme Category Asset Under Management (INR)
Sundaram Diversified Equity Fund  ELSS Fund Rs 2,038cr


Top Sundaram Hybrid Funds

The following table shows the top performing Sundaram Hybrid Funds :

Scheme Category Asset Under Management (INR) 
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund  Equity Hybrid Rs 1,665.22cr
Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund Hybrid - Debt Oriented Rs 63.27cr
Sundaram Equity Savings Fund  Hybrid - Equity Saving Rs 129.99cr
Sundaram Balanced Advantage Fund Hybrid  Rs 554cr
Sundaram Arbitrage Fund Hybrid Rs 98cr


Fund Managers of Sundaram AMC

Fund Managers are professionals who manage various assets like bonds, securities, shares, etc. With the motive to help investors achieve their financial goals. In reality they are the ones who direct the fund management decisions.

Choosing an active fund manager for managing your investment is one of the most important things to do. 

Equity Fund Managers

Mr. Rahul Baijal

Mr. Baijal is the Senior Fund Manager - Equity at Sundaram Mutual Fund. 

He has done his PGDM(MBA) from IIM Calcutta and is also an Engineering Graduate of Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi.

He has been associated with Sundaram Mutual since July 2016 as Fund Manager in Equity.

Mr. Baijal has a rich experience of over 19 years in Equity Research and in Fund Management also.

Earlier, he was associated with Bharti Axa Life Insurance, TVF Capital, HSBC Securities, CREDIT Suisse Securities and Standard Chartered Bank.

Currently, he manages Sundaram Select Focus, Sundaram TOP 100 (Series VI-VII), and Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund. he is also Co-Fund Manager of Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund and Sundaram Services Fund.

Mr. Bharath S.

Mr. Bharat S. is a Fund Manager - Equity and Head of Research at Sundaram Mutual being associated with since August 2004

He holds an MBA degree from Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai. Additionally, he is a certified FRM Cost Accountant as well.

His experience in Equity Research as well as in Fund Management is of over 17 years.

Mr. Bharat S manages funds like Sundaram Value Fund Series, Sundaram Long term Tax Advantage Series, Sundaram Rural. As well as Consumption Fund and Sundaram Smart NIFTY 100 Equal Weight Fund. He manages Sundaram Equity Savings Fund as well as Sundaram Equity Fund.

Mr. Ratish B Varier

Mr. Varier is a Fund manager - Equity at Sundaram Mutual being associated with the fund since November 2015

He is a B.Com graduate, MBA in Finance as well as a Post Graduate in Investment Analysis as Certified Portfolio Manager.

Moreover, he possesses about 15 years of experience in the financial services domain. The equity portfolios at Sundaram AMC Limited is being managed by him.

Prior to joining Sundaram AMC, he worked with Mahindra Asset Management and Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited.

Mr. Rohit Seksaria

Mr. Seksaria is an Assistant Fund Manager - Equity at Sundaram Mutual being associated with the fund since January 2017

He has done his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and is a rank holder Chartered Accountant  (ICAI) as well as Company Secretary (ICSI).

Moreover, he has extensive experience of 15 years in Equity Research and Fund Management.

Prior to joining Sundaram Mutual, he was working with Asian Hedge Funds like Capital and Matchpoint in Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides, he also headed a research outfit like Irevna.

Currently, he also co-manages the below funds:

  • Emerging Small Cap Series
  • Micro Cap Series Funds
  • Long Term tax Advantage Funds
  • Global Brand Fund and Sundaram Services Fund.

Debt Fund Managers of Sundaram AMC Limited

The following are the Debt Fund Managers of Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited:

Mr. Siddharta Chaudhury

Mr. Chaudhury is the Head - Fixed Income - Institutional Business at Sundaram Mutual. 

He holds a PG Diploma in Securities Markets from the Indian Institute of Capital Markets, Navi Mumbai. Besides a B.Com Graduate degree from Delhi University as well

His association has been with Sundaram Mutual since August 2010 as Vice President and Fund Manager - Fixed Income. Moreover, he has over 13 years of experience in Fixed Income.

Currently, he manages funds such as Sundaram Money Fund, Sundaram Low Duration Fund, Sundaram Capital Protection Oriented Funds. As well as Debt Oriented Funds, Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund (Debt Portion) and Hybrid Fund Series (Debt Portion).

Also, he Co-manages Sundaram Overnight Fund, Sundaram Ultra Short Term Fund. Besides, he manages Sundaram Banking, and PSU Debt Fund and Sundaram Money Market Fund.

Mr. Sandeep Agarwal

Mr. Agarwal is the Senior Fund Manager - Debt at Sundaram Mutual.

He is a B. Com Graduate, a Chartered Accountant from the ICAI as well as Company Secretary from the ICSI.

He has over 12 years of experience in Fund Income Space. Earlier he has been associated with Sundaram Mutual since October 2010 as a Dealer - Fixed Income. Later, he moved into active fund management in June 2012.

His work experiences include Deutsche Asset Management as a Management Trainee - Fixed Income.

He currently manages the Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund (Debt) and Sundaram Short Term Credit Risk Fund also

He also co-manages the following funds:

  1. The Sundaram Corporate Bond Fund and Sundaram Medium-term Bond Fund.
  2. The Sundaram Short-term Debt Fund, Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund.
  3. Sundaram Banking and PSU Debt Fund, Sundaram Money Market Fund.
  4. Sundaram Fixed Term Plans, Sundaram Overnight Fund, Sundaram Ultra Short-Term Fund.

Key Information about Sundaram Asset Management Company

Mutual Fund Sundaram Mutual Fund
Asset Management Company DHFL Pramerica Asset Managers Private Limited 
Set-Up 13th May 2010
Incorporated  26th February 1996
Sponsors Sundaram Finance Limited
Name of Trustees Dr. John Praveen
Mr. Srinath Sridharan
Mr. Sujal Shah
Mr. Rakesh Sood
Chairman Mr. Pratip Chaudhuri
MD/CEO Mr. Sunil Subramaniam / Mr. Harsha Viji
Investor Service Officer Mr. Dhiren H Thakker / Mr. Rahul Mayor
CIO Mr. Dwijendra Srivastava / Mr. S. Krishakumar
Compliance Officer Mr. P. Sundararajan


Sundaram Mutual Fund Contact Details

Address Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited, 
46, Whites Road, Peters Colony,Royapettah
Chennai - 600014Tamil Nadu
Telephone Nos. (For India) 18604257237044 2858 3362/3367044 28569900
Telephone No. for NRIs +91 4023452215
Telephone no. (For Distributors) 1800 103 2440
Fax Nos. 044 28583156
Email (For India)
Email (for NRIs)
Email (For Distributors)
website Sundaram Mutual