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Gold Rate Today in Hyderabad

Gold Rate in Hyderabad fluctuates based on various factors such as demand, supply and other economic factors. Find out today’s gold rate in Hyderabad, and gold price trends in India to invest.

  • ₹62,82224K Gold price
  • ₹59,14422K Gold price

24 Carat Gold Price Today in hyderabad

Updated: Mar 03, 2024
GrammageToday’s PriceYesterday’s Price1D Price Change
1 gram₹ 6,282.20₹ 6,282.20 0.00 %
8 gram₹ 50,257.60₹ 50,257.60 0.00 %
10 gram₹ 62,822.00₹ 62,822.00 0.00 %

22 Carat Gold Price Today in hyderabad

Updated: Mar 03, 2024
GrammageToday’s PriceYesterday’s Price1D Price Change
1 gram₹ 5,914.40₹ 5,914.40 0.00 %
8 gram₹ 47,315.20₹ 47,315.20 0.00 %
10 gram₹ 59,144.00₹ 59,144.00 0.00 %
Disclaimer: The above gold rates are indicative and do not include GST and other charges.

Gold Rate Trends in hyderabad

Days24K Price22K Price
Mar 03, 2024₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,914.40
Mar 02, 2024₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,914.40
Mar 01, 2024₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,914.40
Feb 25, 2024₹ 6,229.20₹ 5,867.80
Feb 24, 2024₹ 6,229.20₹ 5,867.80
Feb 23, 2024₹ 6,229.20₹ 5,867.80
Feb 22, 2024₹ 6,251.00₹ 5,888.80
Feb 21, 2024₹ 6,265.30₹ 5,904.90
Feb 20, 2024₹ 6,284.80₹ 5,923.80
Feb 19, 2024₹ 6,241.10₹ 5,888.70
Feb 18, 2024₹ 6,200.90₹ 5,839.90
Feb 17, 2024₹ 6,200.90₹ 5,839.90
Feb 16, 2024₹ 6,200.90₹ 5,839.90
Feb 15, 2024₹ 6,195.90₹ 5,848.30
Feb 14, 2024₹ 6,199.90₹ 5,840.00
Feb 13, 2024₹ 6,281.40₹ 5,921.70
Feb 12, 2024₹ 6,231.30₹ 5,874.80
Feb 11, 2024₹ 6,288.90₹ 5,923.60
Feb 10, 2024₹ 6,288.90₹ 5,923.60
Feb 09, 2024₹ 6,288.90₹ 5,923.60

Today’s Gold Rate in Popular Cities

City24K Price22K Price
vizag₹ 6,430.20₹ 6,053.10
ahmedabad₹ 6,253.20₹ 5,896.80
karnataka₹ 6,143.00₹ 5,850.00
gujarat₹ 6,276.20₹ 5,804.90
haryana₹ 6,365.20₹ 5,909.50
maharashtra₹ 6,740.00₹ 6,200.00
vijayawada₹ 6,264.20₹ 5,804.90
pune₹ 6,269.20₹ 5,907.50
mysore₹ 6,293.20₹ 5,785.50
trivandrum₹ 6,273.20₹ 5,917.20
uttarakhand₹ 6,324.20₹ 5,862.90
dehradun₹ 6,279.20₹ 5,810.70
bhopal₹ 6,274.20₹ 5,812.10
hyderabad₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,914.40
chennai₹ 6,293.20₹ 5,927.50
nashik₹ 6,270.20₹ 5,805.40
thrissur₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,814.40
bihar₹ 6,357.20₹ 6,105.20
ranchi₹ 6,459.20₹ 6,086.70
odisha₹ 6,289.20₹ 5,842.80
uttar pradesh₹ 6,279.20₹ 5,784.70
west bengal₹ 6,507.20₹ 6,214.70
rajasthan₹ 6,399.20₹ 6,021.70
puducherry₹ 6,278.20₹ 5,935.80
surat₹ 6,284.20₹ 5,781.30
visakhapatnam₹ 6,259.20₹ 5,753.30
andhra pradesh₹ 6,288.20₹ 5,794.90
noida₹ 6,301.20₹ 5,824.80
jharkhand₹ 6,363.20₹ 6,054.70
jaipur₹ 6,282.20₹ 5,916.40
kerala₹ 6,288.20₹ 5,923.90
kolkata₹ 6,474.20₹ 6,091.40
patna₹ 6,450.20₹ 6,101.40
vadodara₹ 6,419.20₹ 6,189.00
kanpur₹ 6,286.20₹ 5,783.10
coimbatore₹ 6,301.20₹ 5,843.80
bhubaneswar₹ 6,294.20₹ 5,847.40
assam₹ 6,275.20₹ 5,827.00
goa₹ 6,305.20₹ 5,838.50
kochi₹ 6,270.20₹ 5,773.40
bangalore₹ 6,264.20₹ 5,908.90
delhi₹ 6,363.20₹ 5,994.70
madurai₹ 6,411.20₹ 6,039.70
punjab₹ 6,275.20₹ 5,796.00
mumbai₹ 6,260.20₹ 5,899.30
ghaziabad₹ 6,540.20₹ 6,208.00
jamshedpur₹ 6,467.20₹ 6,165.00
lucknow₹ 6,255.20₹ 5,784.70
telangana₹ 6,388.20₹ 5,968.60
mangalore₹ 6,265.20₹ 5,805.80
chandigarh₹ 6,382.20₹ 6,011.10
srinagar₹ 6,305.20₹ 5,844.50
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How are Gold Prices Determined in Hyderabad?

A single factor does not determine the gold rate in Hyderabad. Multiple factors lead to gold price variations in Hyderabad. The following are a few parameters where gold prices are determined in Hyderabad. 

  • The local jewellers bullion association arrive at a gold price at a local level in Hyderabad. 
  • Also, the local demand and supply of gold determine the gold prices in Hyderabad. For instance, during the wedding season or any auspicious day, the gold prices tend to rise due to more demand.
  • If inflation rises in the country, it reduces the purchasing power of money. The gold rates tend to be stable during this time in Hyderabad. 
  • The Central Bank’s gold reserve also impacts the gold prices in Hyderabad. When RBI purchases gold, the gold prices rise due to less supply of gold in the market. 
  • Apart from this, international factors like any change in currency rates, local tariffs, interest rate movement and international gold prices can affect the gold prices in Hyderabad.
  • Hence, this is how the gold prices are determined in Hyderabad. It is crucial to check the gold prices in Hyderabad before buying them because they always differ from other cities.

 Where To Buy Gold in Hyderabad?

There are several places where people can buy gold in Hyderabad. Some of the popular jewellers of Hyderabad city are – 

  • Jagdamba Pearls
  • Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems
  • Manepally Jewellers
  • Tibarumal Jewels
  • Mangatrai Pearls & Diamonds.

Some of the popular chains are – 

  • GRT Jewellers
  • Kalyan Jewellers
  • Lalitha Jewellery Mart
  • Khazana Jewellery

There are several shops at Punjagutta where most of the popular jewellery outlets are located. During weddings and festivals, there is unusual footfall at these places. 

  • The gold rates in Hyderabad barely differ from one shop to another; however, you should check for the making charges. 
  • The gold rates are unlikely to differ from one jeweller to another as the prices are decided at a local level considering the various factors. 
  • Therefore, it is a matter of reliability, and it is recommended to buy gold from your trusted jeweller in Hyderabad. This gives satisfaction that you are buying a good quality of gold. 

Gold Schemes in Hyderabad

The following are some of the gold schemes offered by different jewellers in Hyderabad- 

GRT Jewellers

GRT Golden Eleven Flexi Plan

This is a special savings scheme that allows customers to purchase gold at an affordable cost. In this GRT scheme, customers have to make 11 equal monthly instalments as advance payments. Finally, they can purchase jewellery from the GRT of their choice at the end of the term without any wastage or value addition charges. However, it is applicable on gold purchases only. 

GRT Golden Seeds Savings Scheme

This is a smart way to purchase gold through GRT Jewellers that allows customers to make a monthly payment and purchase gold against it. In other words, it is a Systematic Gold Investment Plan by GRT Jewellers. The gold is purchased every month instead of at the end of the term. Thus, it protects gold investment against fluctuating prices. 

Kalyan Jewellers


This is a very flexible scheme where customers can join anytime. This scheme has no registration charges, and they can buy gold with advance payments. 

Purchase Advance Scheme

This is a famous scheme by the house of Kalyan that offers the purchase of gold through advance payments. At the time of enrolment, the customer has to choose the product’s size, length, and weight. In the 8th month, the customer can change the selected product or reconfirm the previous one. A monthly instalment has to be paid for 11 months. After the term ends, customers can collect the chosen ornament by clearing any pending balance, if any. 

Lalitha Jewellery

Golden Tomorrow

This unique jewellery scheme allows customers to exchange their old jewels for new ones at no extra cost. Apart from this, customers also can enrol in this scheme by making a one-time payment and picking jewellery of their choice. Also, the customer’s account will be credited with cash or gold (in terms of grams) at the prevailing rate of 22karat gold on that day. However, this scheme is not applicable for platinum and silver items. 

Eleven Months Scheme

The first instalment is free from Lalitha Jewellers in this scheme. The customer has to pay a fixed instalment for 11 months and purchase the jewellery of their choice. Also, customers can avail 50% discount on value addition charges. Moreover, customers can either choose to get the cash credited to their scheme or get grams of gold as per the prevailing 22karat gold rate on that day. 

Khazana Jewellery

Khazana Gold Savings Plan

This scheme allows individuals to set aside a fixed sum of money every month, like a recurring deposit. At the end of the maturity period, they can purchase gold of their choice with the accumulated amount.  

Jagdamba Pearls

Jagdamba Gold Savings Scheme

Under this scheme, customers have to pay 11 months of fixed instalments from the date of subscribing to the plan, and the jeweller will pay 12th-month equal instalment. Upon completing 11 months, they can buy jewellery of their choice for the total amount paid under the scheme.

Krishna Jewellers Pearls & Gems

KJPG Gold Benefit Scheme

This is an eleven-month flexi-plan with a one-month bonus. In this scheme, the customer has to pay fixed monthly instalments for 11 months from the date of subscribing to the plan, and KJPG will give a one month bonus. On completion of 11 months, they can buy jewellery of their choice with an additional discount on pearls, diamonds, making charges, etc. 

Average Making Charges on Gold Jewelry in Hyderabad

  • Making charges is the cost involved in producing and designing a piece of jewellery that people purchase in Hyderabad. In simple words, making charges is the cost incurred for converting raw gold into fine jewellery. 
  • Apart from this, in Hyderabad, the purity of gold also varies for making charges. For instance, the making charges for a man made jewellery is more than for a machine made jewellery.
  • The making charges differ from one jeweller to another in Hyderabad. Some jewellers in Hyderabad call it making charges while some call it wastage charges. 
  • Some jewellers in Hyderabad charge a flat percentage of the total weight of jewellery as making charges, while others charge a fixed flat per gram rate of gold. 
  • The making charges in Hyderabad start from 8% and can go up to 25%, depending on how intricate the jewellery design is. 
  • Moreover, there are different schemes offered by jewellers in Hyderabad which can benefit customers from zero making charges for gold, diamond or uncut jewellery. 

Things To Consider While Buying Gold in Hyderabad

Gold is a precious and valuable metal that requires a good capital investment. The following are the things you should consider while buying gold in Hyderabad- 

  • Price of Gold – The gold prices change daily in Hyderabad, where they can increase or decrease based on various internal and external factors that determine the price of gold.
  • Seller’s Reputation – Some sellers in Hyderabad charge more for a relatively lower purity of gold, and buyers face loss when reselling their investment. Hence, it is better to deal with reputed and trusted jewellers in Hyderabad.
  • Authenticity of Purity of Gold – It can be received through hallmark by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the jeweller’s mark in Hyderabad. Therefore, it is better to buy hallmarked jewellery in Hyderabad. 
  • Bargain on Making Charges – Buying gold jewellery in Hyderabad means spending extra money on marking charges. Hence, it is important to bargain here and reduce the making charges from the seller in Hyderabad. 
  • Purchase Invoice – It is important to take a purchase invoice while purchasing jewellery in Hyderabad.  For reasons – like calculating capital gains tax if you wish to sell the jewellery for profit after a few years, for personal records, etc.  
  • Weight of Jewellery – It is important to check the weight of jewellery as precious stones and gems are used while crafting the jewellery to make the piece heavier. Sellers in Hyderabad weigh the piece as a whole which can make the piece heavier. Thus, customers pay more for the gold, which isn’t actually used. 

Hence, individuals must be diligent while purchasing gold in Hyderabad as it is a valuable asset, and the cost is extremely high. Buying gold is not like buying groceries as it requires proper research before purchasing. 

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