Every year, it is our endeavour that your money is invested in the best mutual funds. Here’s a list of our scientifically selected recommended mutual funds to invest in 2018.

For your long-term needs:

Your long-term money is best invested in equity mutual funds to beat inflation.

Here are the 4 equity funds we recommend for you.

The best tax saving funds to claim tax exemption under Section 80C:

You are aware that Tax Saving (ELSS) funds are the best way to save tax and invest for the long term.

Our recommendation:

(Note: this recommendation is for the current financial year 2018-19)

For your short-term needs:

An alternative to bank FDs, debt funds provide better returns after taxes are taken into account. We evaluate the safety of the funds and their track record and recommend a portfolio of 3 funds for your short-term money needs.

For emergency needs:

Our recommended fund comes with a debit card which enables withdrawals at any time – day or night and on weekends.

You can use this fund to create your emergency fund too.

How are these funds selected?

We follow a rule-based, scientific approach to shortlist just 10 best mutual funds from the universe of 8,000+ options. Read more about our fund selection process here.

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