Sundaram Finance Fixed Deposit


AAA (Stable)


Interest for 3 years

Sundaram Finance FD Interest Rates Sep 2022

Note: All interest rates shown below are as on 1st Sep 2022

Historical FD Rates →
TenureNormal Citizen FD RateSenior Citizen FD Rate
1 year - 1 year6%6.5%
1 year 1 day - 1 year 11 months 30 days6.3%6.8%
2 years - 2 years 11 months 30 days6.65%7.15%

About Sundaram Finance FD

Sundaram Finance Limited is an Indian financial and investment service provider, based in Chennai. Sundaram Finance Limited was established in 1954. It has a balance sheet size of Rs. 34,953 Cr as on 31st March 2021. It recorded a profit of Rs 804 Cr in FY21

6% - 6.65%

FD Rate

6.5% - 7.15%

FD Rate for Seniors

₹ 10000

Minimum Deposit

₹ 0 Crores

Maximum Deposit




FD Tenure


Loan against FD

AAA (Stable)


Fixed Deposits

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Sundaram Finance FD Returns Based on Investment Amount

Investment AmountFor 3 years with interest of 6.65%For 5 years with interest of 6.65%
₹ 50,000₹61006₹69659
₹ 1 lakh₹122012₹139317
₹ 2 lakh₹244024₹278634
₹ 5 lakh₹610060₹696585
₹ 10 lakh₹1220120₹1393171

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Pre Tax

Post Tax

Tax Rate
Maturity Amount₹106168₹ 105221
Total Investment Amount₹ 100000₹ 100000
Total Interest Gained₹6168


₹ 5221

Compare Sundaram Finance Fixed Deposit Rates with Top Banks

Calculate Sundaram Finance FD Returns

₹ 100000

Total Investment


Wealth Gained


Wealth Gained


Maturity Amount

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Sundaram Finance FD offers regular, cumulative, and NRI fixed deposits. The tenure ranges from 12 months to 36 months for its depositors. You can apply for the FD by visiting a branch. 

Features of Sundaram Finance FD Rates

Eligibility- Individuals, Private Limited Company, Partnership Firms, Trust and Foundations. 

Loan on FD– An overdraft is available for up to 75% of the principal amount. It is at the discretion of the company to provide the loan facility to a depositor. An NRI is not eligible for a loan. In the case of A or S/s accounts, both/all depositors must sign the deposit receipt. In the case of N or S/s accounts, the first depositor must sign the loan paperwork. For loans, only the first depositor’s cheque/DD will be drawn. If renewal instructions for the balance amount (subject to a minimum of Rs. 10,000) are not received one week before the maturity, the loan principal and interest will be adjusted and the loan will be paid on maturity.

Maturity of Deposits- The Maturity Intimation letter is sent 15 days before the maturity date, together with the renewal application form. On maturity, the principal amount along with interest earned is credited to the linked savings bank account.

Renewal of Deposits- the depositor must give the Original Deposit Receipt and the renewal form. To renew the deposit, the applicant must file the request within 2 months from the date of maturity. Otherwise, the contract will be renewed in the future. It is not feasible to renew with a loan. On the maturity date, the loan must be adjusted against the deposit value.

Nominee- After submitting the necessary documentation, depositors can name one person (for a Deposit Account) as a nominee. The nominee will receive the refund of the deposit in the event of the Depositor’s death.

Premature Withdrawal- The company reserves the right to allow deposits to be withdrawn before maturity at its sole discretion. When a deposit is allowed to be withdrawn early, the related deposit receipt must be signed by all depositors in the event of an A or S/s deposit, and the first-named depositor in the case of an N or S/s deposit. On a premature withdrawal, the depositor will have to pay a penalty. This means that he or she will receive less than the applicable interest rate effectively. If the FD is withdrawn after 3 months and before 6 months no penalty will be levied. On withdrawal of FD after 6 months and before 12 months, a penalty of 3% lower than the One year rate at the time of deposit. On withdrawal of FD after 12 months and before 24 months, a penalty of 2% is lower than the one year rate at the time of deposit. If the FD is withdrawn after 3 months and before 24 months and before 36 months then 2% lower than the two-year rate at the time of deposit is applicable as a penalty.

Types of Fixed Deposits

  • Regular Fixed Deposits
  • Cumulative Fixed Deposits
  • NRI Deposits

Regular Fixed Deposits

  • A minimum deposit amount of Rs 10,000.
  • Interest is paid at monthly or quarterly intervals. The quarterly intervals are March, June, September, and December.
  • Investment tenure ranges from 12 months to 36 months
  • Sundaram Finance FD Rates range from 5.48% to 5.80% depending on the tenure and interest payout option
  • An additional interest rate of 0.50% over and above the Sundaram Finance FD Rates for senior citizens
  • A deposit can be made in a Minor’s name as long as he or she is represented by a Natural or Legal Guardian.
  • On behalf of the Minor, the Natural/Legal Guardian must sign the Deposits Application Form.
  • A joint Deposit account payable to A or S (Anyone or Survivor) or N or S (Anyone or Survivor) can be opened by a maximum of three people.
  • On maturity, any of the depositors can discharge the Deposit receipt for A or S deposits. A Premature Payment or Loan, on the other hand, requires the signatures of all Depositors. The first Depositor must discharge the Deposit receipt for N or S deposits.
  • no withdrawal of deposit is permitted within three months from the date of Deposit/renewal of Deposit.
  • A loan of up to 75% of the deposit amount may be provided against the deposit. A depositor can avail of a loan after  three months from the date of deposit or renewal date are eligible for a loan.
  • The Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) will be held as a lien and retained. 
  • An additional 2% interest on the loan is charged over and above the Sundaram Finance FD rates
  • The Renewal Application Form must be sent to us 15 days prior to the Term Deposit Receipt’s maturity date. The form must be sent along with the Term Deposit Receipt showing the Depositor’s signature on the reverse

Cumulative Fixed Deposits

  • The major difference between a regular and cumulative fixed deposit is the interest payout option. The regular fixed deposit pays the interest on the deposit either monthly or quarterly. Whereas the cumulative fixed deposit pays interest on maturity along with the principal amount.
  • A minimum deposit amount of Rs 10,000.
  • Investment tenure ranges from 12 months to 36 months
  • Sundaram Finance FD Rates range from 5.48% to 5.80% depending on the tenure and interest payout option
  • An additional interest rate of 0.50% over and above the Sundaram Finance FD Rates for senior citizens
  • A loan against FD is available for up to 75% of the principal amount. An additional interest rate of 2% is applicable for the loan or advance.
  • An existing depositor can renew their deposit for either the Principal amount (interest accrued will be repaid) or alternatively the principal amount plus interest.

NRI Deposits

  • NRI deposits will only be accepted if they are paid from the depositor’s NRO account in India. If deposits are made with funds transferred from NRE or FCNR(B) accounts would be rejected.
  • The depositor must provide his NRO bank account number, as both the principal and interest will be credited to his NRO bank account.
  • NRI Deposits shall not be accepted by any inward remittances from overseas.
  • These deposits are not eligible for a loan against fixed deposits

Documents Required For Application

The applicant must submit any of the following documents along with application or renewal forms, as applicable.
PAN Card
Aadhaar card
Higher Secondary Certificate
Driving Licence
Pension Card
LIC Policy
Health Insurance Policy
Election Identity Card
Ration Card
Any other Government Certified Proof. 
Private Limited CompanyName of the company
Principal place of business  
Mailing address of the company  
Telephone or Fax Number
Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association 
Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and identification of those who have authority to operate the account 
Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers or employees to transact business on its behalf 
Copy of PAN allotment letter 
Copy of the telephone bill 
Partnership FirmLegal name  
Names of all partners and their addresses  
Telephone numbers of the firm and partners 
Registration certificate, if registered
Partnership deed 
Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of the firm to transact business on its behalf 
Any officially valid document identifying the partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney and their addresses
Telephone bill in the name of firm or partners.
Trust and FoundationNames of trustees, settlers, beneficiaries and signatories
Names and addresses of the founder, the managers or directors and the beneficiaries  
Telephone or fax numbers Certificate of registration, if registered 
Power of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf
Any officially valid document to identify the trustees, settlors, beneficiaries and those holding Power of Attorney, founders or managers or directors and their addresses
Resolution of the managing body of the foundation or association Telephone bill 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Senior citizens eligible for a higher Sundaram Finance FD rates?

Yes, Senior citizens are eligible for higher Sundaram Finance FD rates of an additional 0.50% per annum.

What is the rate of interest chargeable for loans?

The interest rate on loans against FD is 2% in addition to the existing Sundaram Finance FD rates.

What are the maturity options for Sundaram Finance FD?

A depositor can choose to either renew on maturity or pay on maturity. Furthermore, under the option of renewal, the depositor may choose to either renew the entire maturity value or just the principal amount.

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