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Nainital Bank Fixed Deposit

Nainital Bank Fixed Deposit



Interest for 3 years

Nainital Bank FD Interest Rates 2024

TenureNormal Citizen FD RateSenior Citizen FD Rate
7 days - 1 month 16 days3.25%3.75%
1 month 17 days - 5 months 28 days4.25%4.75%
5 months 29 days - 8 months 27 days4.95%5.45%
8 months 28 days - 11 months 29 days5.75%6.25%
11 months 30 days - 1 year 1 month 5 days6.7%7.2%
1 year 1 month 6 days - 1 year 1 month 6 days7.05%7.55%
1 year 1 month 7 days - 1 year 6 months 1 day6.7%7.2%
1 year 6 months 2 days - 2 years 11 months 30 days6.25%6.75%
3 years - 4 years 11 months 29 days5.75%6.25%
4 years 11 months 30 days - 9 years 11 months 28 days5.35%5.85%

Note: All interest rates shown above are as on 5th Feb 2024

About Nainital Bank FD

The Nainital Bank Limited (NTB) (known as Nainital Bank) is a scheduled commercial bank founded in 1922. The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Baroda which is under the ownership of Ministry of Finance of the Government of India. The bank has expanded to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and has only 163 branches in Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana. It has become TTC (Ten Thousand Crore) Company and aims to be most customer centric bank of India, it is listed as a scheduled bank by the Reserve Bank of India.

Nainital Bank FD

3.25% - 7.05%

FD Rate

3.75% - 7.55%

FD Rate for Seniors

₹ 1000

Minimum Deposit

₹ 2 Crores

Maximum Deposit




FD Tenure


Loan against FD



Nainital Bank FD Returns Based on Investment Amount

Investment AmountFor 3 years with interest of 6.25%For 5 years with interest of 5.75%
₹ 50,000 ₹ 60,282₹ 66,609
₹ 1 lakh ₹ 1,20,564₹ 1,33,218
₹ 2 lakh ₹ 2,41,129₹ 2,66,435
₹ 5 lakh ₹ 6,02,822₹ 6,66,088
₹ 10 lakh ₹ 12,05,643₹ 13,32,176

Compare Nainital Bank Fixed Deposit Returns with Top Banks

Use FD calculator to change values and compare your returns from top banks.

Bandhan Bank FD
Nainital Bank FD
Nainital Bank FD
Maturity Amount 1,06,910 1,07,496
Total Investment Amount₹ 1,00,000₹ 1,00,000
Total Interest Gained6,910 7,496

Compare Nainital Bank Fixed Deposit Rates with Top Banks

Bank NameFD Interest Rates
Bandhan Bank FD
7.25% - 7.75%
Capital Small Finance Bank FD
7.15% - 7.65%
Bharat Bank FD
7.25% - 7.75%
Madhyanchal Gramin Bank FD
6% - 6.5%
Jharkhand Rajya Gramin Bank FD
6.5% - 6.75%
Uttarakhand Gramin Bank FD
6.3% - 6.8%
7.65% - 7.9%
Maharashtra Gramin Bank FD
6.85% - 7.35%
Federal Bank FD
7% - 7.5%
Union Bank of India FD
6.5% - 7%

Calculate Nainital Bank FD Returns


Total Investment


Wealth Gained


Maturity Amount

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest Nainital Bank FD rate today?

The highest Nainital Bank FD rates for general citizens is 7.05% p.a. and 7.55% p.a. for senior citizens.

What is the highest interest rate on Nainital Bank 1 year FD scheme?

The highest interest rate on Nainital Bank 1 year FD scheme is 6.7% p.a.

What is Nainital Bank FD scheme interest rate for 5 years?

5.75% p.a is the interest rate for 5 years on Nainital Bank FD scheme.

How many years FD will double in Nainital Bank?

To know in how many years Nainital Bank Bank FD will double, we can follow the 72 rule. We have to divide 72 by the interest rate, and the result will be the number of years Nainital Bank Bank FD will double. The current highest Nainital Bank FD interest rate is 7.05% so investors will double the investment in 10.21 years. Similarly, senior citizen depositors will double their FD investment in 9.54 years, where the highest FD rate for senior citizens is 7.55%.

What is Nainital Bank FD minimum deposit amount?

The minimum investment in Nainital Bank FD is INR 1,000. However, there is no limit on the maximum amount of investment in Nainital Bank FD.

What is senior citizen fixed deposit interest rates in Nainital Bank?

The senior citizen fixed deposit interest rates in Nainital Bank range between 3.75% to 7.55% p.a. for an available minimum and maximum investment duration.

What are the available FD tenures in Nainital Bank?

Nainital Bank FD tenure ranges from 7 days to 9 years 11 months 28 days

What is Nainital Bank FD ROI for 10 lakh deposit for 1 year?

The interest from the Nainital Bank FD calculator for 10 lakh deposit for 1 year will be INR 69,096. The maturity value will be INR 10,69,096. You can use Scripbox’s FD Calculator to determine the maturity value of your investment.

How to check the fixed deposit balance in Nainital Bank?

You can check Nainital Bank FD balance either online or offline mode. For online mode, log in to the Nainital Bank internet banking portal. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Nainital Bank bank to update your passbook for FD balance enquiry.

How many FDs can be opened in Nainital Bank?

There is no restriction on the number of FDs you can open with Nainital Bank.