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"My experience with Scripbox has been excellent till now. It has helped me start investing very systematically & methodically. It is quick & easy way to start investment. I was looking for the right vehicle to help me with MF's."
- Amit Mehta, Manager Product Engineering, Investor Since 2016

"Though I'm not a newbie to investing in funds, I've switched over to Scripbox because it is low effort and high reward."
- Sameer Bhiwani, Visual Designer, Investor Since 2014.

"I stumbled across after almost a decade of poor financial decisions. To me represents the financial equivalent of a 'best friend'. Sound, solid, timely advice that does not cost you a paisa, technology that you can access even from a beach but most importantly, the confidence with which you are empowered to make your investment decisions."
- Shoebahmed Shaikh, Communications Professional, Investor Since 2014.

"For me, Scripbox made it amazingly easy and quick to start investing methodically. Most of us know it is important to invest regularly - but it is the ease of doing so with Scripbox which makes it a snap!"
- Milind Kharosekar, Entrepreneur, Investor since 2014.

"It's a rare online portal of which my friends in the US are envious about."
- Sriram Muthukumar, Design Engineer, Investor since 2013.

"I chose Scripbox because it solved two of my problems, where to invest and how to invest."
- Manish Jha, Investor since 2013

"The choice of equity mutual funds have done well."
- Ashwin Row, Investor since 2013.

"Before Scripbox, I used to spend a lot of time researching funds, strategizing and rebalancing. Now, all I do is SIP it, shut it, and forget it. It's like having a personal Portfolio Manager for free!"
- Srinivasan Subramanian, Senior IT Professional, Investor since 2013.

"The Scripbox choice seems to be Holy Grail of Mutual Funds".
- Pamarthi Jagadeesh, Investor since 2013.

"The Scripbox idea of investing is fairly simple and effective".
- Amit Kumars, Investor since 2013.

"The service was very good and hassle free".
- Rohit Talekar, Investor since 2013.

"The overall experience and journey with Scripbox is good- even best in class".
- Ranjeet Kumar, Finance Professional, Investor since 2013.

"Your motto 'stop thinking start investing' is true to what it does. It simplifies investment philosophy for the investor who is really keen on equity investing and for long term growth".
- Ramana Babu Kotha, Investor since 2013.

"Making the investment process easy with a simple, intuitive online experience, prompt customer engagement, and prompt document collection process makes Scripbox a great place to invest".
- Aswin Natarajan, Business Analyst, Investor since 2013.

"I have always been looking for someone to give me minimal number of MF to choose from and save my effort to research on the hundreds of MFs that are available in the market. I feel Scripbox is the answer for it".
- Raghunandan Kamath, Investor since 2013.

"My experience with Scripbox has been really good because of the very obvious reason that I need not bother about my investment at all".
- Sharath Kumar, Investor since 2013.

"Although my investment is a modest one, I get proactive support from your organization".
- Vijay Gowtham, Senior Aviation Engineer, Investor since 2012.

"I came across so many investment channels, but Scripbox is simple yet powerful tool to invest in the mutual funds".
- Ramakrishna Acharya, Investor since 2012.