Why Scripbox

More than just an investing portal - your personal wealth manager available 24x7

How it works

No confusion no bias.

Instead of recommending a new set of mutual funds every week, we use a scientific method to select a portfolio of ten - and only ten - equity mutual funds every year. The commission we earn plays no role in this selection

“ I have always been looking for someone to give me minimal number of MF to choose from and save my effort to research on the hundreds of mutual funds that are available in the market. I feel Scripbox is the answer for it.”

Raghunandan Kamath
Investor since Oct 2013.


Convenient online investing

Online is the most convenient and lowest cost way to invest. So, we built this highly secure website so you can invest with just one click from the comfort of your home or office. No forms to fill, no cheques to sign.

“ I came across so many investment channels, but Scripbox is simple yet powerful tool to invest in the mutual funds”

Ramakrishna Acharya
Investor since Oct 2012.


Invest when you want

Whether you invest a lump sum or want to invest automatically every month - you can do it with a single click. For best results, we recommend you invest a portion of your salary every month.

“ Your motto 'stop thinking start investing' is true to what it does. It simplifies investment philosophy for the investor who is really keen on equity investing and for long term growth.”

Ramana Babu Kotha
Investor since Aug 2013.


Invest how much ever you want

Scripbox makes premium investment research and tools available to everyone. There is no minimum investment requirement except for what the mutual fund companies specify.

"Although my investment is a modest one, I get proactive support from your organization."

Vijay Gowtham
Investor since Sep 2012.


Expert portfolio review and balancing

We monitor your portfolio and will tell you when a change is necessary. If you decide to change, it's as easy as clicking one button.

“ I don't have to worry about my investments at all. With annual review of portfolio, I can rest assured that I get the best funds every year.”

Srinivasan Subramanian
Investor since Oct 2013.


You're the boss of your investments

All the details you need are available when you want. Simply login to your Scripbox for your investment history or when you need to file taxes.

And even if you're too busy to login, we'll send you an SMS and an e-mail with your balance every month; and a reminder when your next investment is due.

“ Everything I need is just a click away, and I get regular updates via SMS and mails which is really very convenient.”

Sharath Kumar
Investor since Jul 2013.