Are you investing enough for your child's global education?

High competition and higher fees... children’s global education can be a costly affair. Plan ahead to make this journey easy and manageable.

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The yearly costs vary based on the type of university. Here are three categories which you can consider.

Premium Universities

Like Stanford, Columbia, etc.

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Standard Universities

Like UCLA, Rice, etc.

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Value Universities

Like Texas A&M, Clark, etc.

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Why is planning necessary?

A global education is expensive

Current costs range at about $60,000 annually. (Approximately Rs 2 Crores in total.)

There is a regular increase in costs

Education costs are increasing, and the Rupee is weakening against the Dollar. (Both at about 3% per year.)

The joining date cannot be changed

Unlike other financial goals, there cannot be any change in the timelines.

Education options are increasing

As a parent, you want to be financially prepared for your child's dreams.

How will Scripbox help me save for my child's college education?

We will help you put a practical action plan in place to create your child's college education fund.

Set the right financial goal

We help you estimate the amount you’ll need for your goals, taking inflation into consideration. Our blog provides you a jargon-free, deeper understanding of your money and investments. like you face.

Create a customised financial plan

Use our advanced tools to create your personalised financial plan for your child's college education. The plan is based on the type of college, start date, your current savings and potential increase in your income.

Make the right investments

We help you invest in a basket of algorithmically selected Indian and US mutual funds. You invest in the US mutual funds via international fund of funds. This hedges against the appreciating US dollar.

Actioning the plan and course correction

Easy online investing for your child's global education with regular monitoring of progress so that you stay firm on the chosen path. We are your financial partners who work with you till your goal is achieved.

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