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The only second opinion your wealth needs.

With our in-depth portfolio analysis, insights and recommendations, your wealth tomorrow will be better than yesterday! And all this in one dashboard!
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Uploading your eCAS helps you:

Analyse all your existing investments with Scripbox Portfolio Scan.

Get the insights and recommendations to make the most of your investments.

And a single, unified dashboard for all this. No juggling between different apps and websites to track your different investments!

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It's easy to get started.

Visit CAMS website and follow the instructions provided below to generate statements for each family member.

Open CAMS website
  • Statement Type:


  • Period:

    Specific Period

  • From Date:


  • Folio Listing:

    With Zero balanced folios

  • Email:

    Registered ID for external investments

  • Password:

    PAN (in capital letters)

Frequently asked questions

CAS stands for Consolidated Account Statement. As the name suggests, it is a consolidated financial statement of all your investments, across distributors and mutual funds companies.
In short, a comprehensive view and better insights on all your investments. Once you upload the eCAS, you can:
  1. Monitor external investments: We will tell you whether your external investments are still recommended or top-rated.
  2. Get insights and recommendations: We will review your investments, identify the non-performing or nominal ones, and recommend which ones to exit.
  3. Track family investments: We will provide insights at a family level as well. You can upload eCAS of as many family members as you need.

This will help you declutter your portfolio and take timely corrective measures. Why do we do this? Because we want to make wealth management simple and efficient for you.
It just takes a few simple steps. To start, choose the ‘Upload eCAS Statement’ option on your Scripbox account. You will receive clear instructions on how to generate your eCAS. Within 30 minutes of placing a request, the eCAS will be delivered to your registered email address. Upload this eCAS statement on Scripbox. That’s it - you’re done. It’s over to us after that.
Not one penny. Unlike some other good things in life, this analysis is free.
No. It only allows us to track your investments (until that point) and run our proprietary algorithms on them, to give you regular insights and recommendations. But our analysis does convince most users who upload their eCAS, to start investing with us.
Yes. You can upload eCAS of as many family members as you need. We will aggregate the data and show you insights at a family level as well.