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Our free in-depth mutual fund portfolio analysis gives you insights and recommendations that help you get the most out of your investments.
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Free Portfolio Analysis
Free Portfolio Analysis
A quick look at how your investments are performing.
Portfolio Health & Insights
Portfolio Health & Insights
A closer look at how your investments are performing and what could be better.
Optimise your portfolio with the help of our recommendations.
ECAS screen in Scripbox mobile app

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I check my portfolio health?

This will help you take timely corrective measures to keep your investments in line with your goals.

How do I check the health of my portfolio?

In order to check the health of your portfolio, you will have to first share your portfolio by importing your eCAS statement with us.
eCAS stands for Electronic Consolidated Account Statement. As the name suggests, it is a consolidated financial statement of all your mutual fund investments, across distributors and mutual funds companies.

How do I share my portfolio/eCAS?

To start, click on the ‘Check my portfolio health’ post which you will be directed to your Scripbox account where you will receive clear instructions on how to generate your eCAS. Within 24 hours of placing a request, the eCAS will be delivered to your registered email address. Upload this eCAS statement on Scripbox. That’s it - you’re done. It’s over to us after that.

What will I get by checking my portfolio health?

In short, getting a second opinion on all your investments, will not just tell you which funds to hold and which ones to exit but also tell you where to re-invest in case of an exit.

If I check my portfolio health, does that mean I will be investing through Scripbox?

No. Checking your portfolio health only allows us to track your investments (until that point) and run our proprietary algorithms on them, to give you insights and recommendations.

Can I check the health of my family member’s portfolio?

Yes. You can upload eCAS / portfolio of as many family members as you need. We will aggregate the data and show you insights at a family level as well.