Retire Confident

Maintain your current lifestyle, even after you stop working 9-5, with a personalised mutual funds portfolio.

10-12% historical growth
Recommendations based on your needs
No lock-in
Invest now
17,500+Crores AUM
12+ YearsAs Digital Wealth Managers
2,500+Cities Served

Frequently asked questions.

How is Retire Confident better than other retirement plans such as insurance, NPS, PPF?
Unlike other retirement plans, Scripbox Retire Confident helps you to:
  • Decide on the exact amount needed to lead a stress-free retired life.
  • Grow your investment according to your chosen growth strategy, while factoring in your risk appetite, current savings, SIP amount, tenure, etc.
  • Review your portfolio every year to ensure you’re on track to achieve your goal.
How do you decide on the financial corpus required for retirement ?
While helping you arrive at the final corpus needed for you to retire confidently, we consider the your life-stage and needs along with
  • Age
  • Current expenses
  • Current savings
  • Years to retirement
  • Post-retirement period
  • Rate of inflation
  • Expected income in the future
  • Rate of interest on your other savings
Do you take into account emergencies like medical and other expenses that are likely to come up in old age?
A part of expenses required for emergencies is built into this plan, but not entirely. We recommend that you save for your emergency needs in addition to this.