Child Headstart

Gift your child 1 Crore and give their dreams a headstart, with a personalised mutual funds portfolio.

10-12% historical growth
Plan for your child's tomorrow
No lock-in
Invest now
16,000+Crores AUM
12+ YearsAs Digital Wealth Managers
2,500+Cities Served

Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to open a minor account for Scripbox Child Headstart?
No, you do not have to open a minor account to start saving in the Scripbox Child Headstart Plan.
Is a crore guaranteed for my child if I invest as per your plan?
There are no guaranteed returns as this plan invests your money in Mutual Funds. However, based on research, it is proven that mutual funds are the best way to grow your money in the long-term. Scripbox Child Headstart is designed to help you to achieve your goal within a defined period. Quarterly portfolio reviews ensure that you remain on track.
Is there a minimum investment amount?
There is no minimum amount to get started with Scripbox Child Headstart. The SIP amount recommended is based on your child’s age and by when you want to gift one crore to them.