Child Education

Give your child the best education the world has to offer, with a personalised mutual funds portfolio.

10-12% historical growth
Prepare for higher education costs
No lock-in
Invest now
16,000+Crores AUM
12+ YearsAs Digital Wealth Managers
2,500+Cities Served

Frequently asked questions.

How is Child Education better than other ways to save for my child's education?
A diversified mutual funds portfolio is the best instrument to save for your child's college education. With this plan, you can
  • Set the right financial goal while considering inflation and rising college fees
  • Personalise your plan by considering your income, savings and risk profile
  • Decide the right mix of investments that are inflation-proof
  • Review your investments once every quarter to ensure you are on track
When is the right time to start investing for my child’s education?
“The earlier the better” should be the mantra when it comes to investing for your child’s college. According to studies, private and premier college fees increase by 10% every year. Inflation is another key obstacle that you’ll have to account for when it comes to financial planning. In order to avoid these two obstacles, it is highly recommended for you to start investing at the earliest.
Is there any lock-in period?
There is no lock-in period for Scripbox Child Education.
You can withdraw your money at any time. However, we recommend that you stay invested for the entire tenure of the plan to ensure that your goal is met on time.