Principal Protection and Growth
Growth with Safety of Principal
5+ Years | 7-9% Returns | No lock-in
Best used for
Alternate to FDs, Large One-Time Investments.
How does it work?
Money is first transfered to top liquid funds. Their growth (return) is invested in top index funds, every month, instead of being re-invested in the liquid fund.
  • Safety similar to FDs but better taxation of returns
  • Better returns than FDs as returns are re-invested into equity funds
  • Full flexibility to Pause or Withdraw anytime
How do you ensure my principal is protected when mutual funds are market-linked?
The plan relies on historical behaviour of asset classes and asset allocation to debt and equity in such a way as to achieve a very high probability of principal remaining protected. Please note that the probability increases with time and that's why we ask that you commit to this for a minimum of 5 years. Both debt and equity mutual funds are market-linked and we cannot guarantee the safety of principal.
Which mutual funds?
Your money will be first invested into liquid funds and moved into equity funds.
* The amount for the final month will differ. The entire amount remaining in the liquid fund, including the returns generated, will be transferred in the last month.