Principal Protection and Growth
Growth with Safety of Principal
Principal Protection and Growth
5+ Years | 7-9% Historical growth | No lock-in
Best used as
Alternate to FDs, Large One-Time Investments.
How does it work?
Money is first invested in liquid funds. A fixed portion from this is then invested each month in index funds.
  • Security and stability similar to FDs
  • Better taxation than FDs thanks to indexation
  • Better returns than FDs
  • Full flexibility to stop or withdraw anytime
See how it works?
When it comes to investing, are you the kind of investor who believes in playing it safe but also wants growth of your wealth?
How do you ensure my principal is protected when mutual funds are market-linked?
The plan relies on historical behaviour of asset classes and asset allocation to debt and equity in such a way as to achieve a very high probability of principal remaining protected. Please note that the probability increases with time and that's why we ask that you commit to this for a minimum of 5 years. Both debt and equity mutual funds are market-linked and we cannot guarantee the safety of principal.
Which mutual funds?
Your investment first goes into liquid funds and then a fixed portion from this is invested into index funds at the end of each month.