Cash Management
Park your cash until you decide what to do next
Historical growth
7-180 days
Recommended duration
No lock-in

What is this plan good for?

Use this plan to hold your funds for any big use such as downpayment of your home loan, any capital gains from an asset sale, or to simply hold till you figure out what you plan to use the money for.

Discover the Scripbox science behind this plan, and how our automated best practices work for you

Optimise for Liquidity and Security

We build the right portfolio with appropriate asset allocation (fund category) to achieve liquidity and security

Fund Selection

Based on the asset allocation, Scripbox Fund Ranking Algorithm™ recommends the top funds in each asset class

Active Portfolio Management

After investing, a professional team of experts manage and monitor the portfolio

Tax Optimised Withdrawal

Scripbox Smart Withdraw™ powers tax-efficient withdrawal from the portfolio, whenever you need to.