Update Your Nominee Details

Deadline Extended: September 30th 2023

Mutual Fund unit holders must Declare a nominee  or  Opt out of nomination


Add a Nominee or Opt-out

On the Registrar or Transfer Agents (RTA) website.

Karvy - https://mfs.kfintech.com/investor/General/NCTNomineeUpdation CAMS - https://digital.camsonline.com/changeofnomination

Steps to Add a Nominee

1: Visit the RTA’s website 2: Enter PAN and Email/Number 3: Validate details using OTP 4: From your existing investments, choose either Add a Nominee or Opt out of nomination 5: Repeat verification with OTP to complete the process

Nomination Updation Deadline

March 31 2023 If you fail to update / opt out of nomination before the due date, your mutual fund folios will be frozen for debit.

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