6 ways to catch up on your savings for your retirement

Evaluate Your Financial Position

See where you stand today on your investments, savings, and loans



Create A Retirement Goal

Your goal amount depends on when you wish to retire and your Post Retirement Lifestyle. Plan for a 25-30 year retirement period.


Estimate monthly savings to achieve your goal. Ensure no shortfall in savings. If needed, reduce your expenses and increase your income through alternate sources.

No Debt ensures a higher savings rate. Be debt-free by the age of 50 years and save more.

Repay Your Debts


More earning years take you closer to your goal. Retire at 65 instead of 60. Pursue Growth But with Caution

Retire Later


Seek growth through a diversified portfolio of equity and debt funds. Ask for help from experts, like investment advisers, if needed.

Stay invested for the long term


Retire  with Confidence Invest with Scripbox

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents carefully.