Things to Understand Before Riding the IPO Bandwagon

Stock markets go through ups and downs. Often juxtaposed with equity IPOs. Before investing in IPOs, keep a few things in mind


Do Not Ignore Stock Valuations

Investing is about paying the ‘right’ price. Follow the basic approach of investing. Research about the growth potential and strategic advantage.


Do Not get Lured by Quick Returns

Biggest lure of IPO investing is quick listing gains. Rather invest with a long-term perspective for higher growth.


Stay Informed

Whenever a company goes public less information is available. For listed companies swarms of analysts cover company financials end-to-end.


To Conclude

IPO might benefit some but not everyone, all the time. Take a well informed decision. Do not get lured by short term gains. Invest for the long term and aim for capital appreciation


Stay Informed Keep Investing Stay Invested