Investing  Start Slow Then Grow

Regular Growth Matters 

It pays to be wise with your money and no matter how small the start, it is regular growth that matters.

Small Amounts

What would you choose: take a rupee now which will get doubled each day for 30 days, or get 5 core now, in one shot?

 Big Chunk Of Money


Small Investments, Big Gains

With investing Re 1 a day that doubles each day, you will find that the magic happens on Day 18 when Re. 1 has grown to Rs. 1,31,072.

The money now grows rapidly and in the last 12 days, goes from less than 1.5 L to around 53.7 Cr.

Time Brings Forward Returns

No matter how small you start, investing can give you great returns later on, over time.

While the going may seem slow for the first few years, the same small corpus can become a handsome pile of cash in later years.


You must also consider inflation. Starting early means 5 lakh invested 11 years ago is a lot more valuable than 5 lakh in your hands right now.

Combining this with compounding means that the amount will grow faster as the years pass

Inflation &

 At an early stage, most of us do not have lump sums that can show a noticeable growth in capital.

Small but regular investments help us create the capital required that will give us big returns in the years where we might need them the most.

Start Early

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.