How To Get Local   Address Proof

Quickly & Easily

Changing Your Address Shouldn’t Be A Hassle

As we change jobs and move cities, we have to provide address proof  to employers and others for KYC purposes - and it can be a task. Here’s how to manage address proof quickly and easily.

Aadhar To The Rescue 

Aadhar makes it easy to change your address and have a proof of it for all your needs.

Upload a scanned image of your address proof, and within a day or two you can download your new E-Aadhaar with the new address!

Document List

The documents you can submit for change of address include government photo ID cards, signed letter with a photo issued by a registered company on a letterhead.

Registered sale/lease/rent agreement, address card with photo issued by Department of Posts.

 Mutual Funds For KYC

Mutual funds have further made it easy for you to update your address across ALL mutual funds. Once your Aadhaar is updated, just update your KYC (Scripbox provides assistance to customers) and it changes across all your investments.

Get Cracking

Now that you are aware of all the avenues available and the documents needed to change your address when you make a move, register yourself, instead of using your parents address for communication. 

*More to Know about the story

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.