How Much Should You Spend On Your Smartphone in 2021

Get Smart About Buying A Smartphone

 People often buy phones they can’t afford - but the key is to buy a phone that works for you and your budget. Here are some smart tips on buying smartphones.

Here are some smart tips on buying smartphones.

 Afford It?

Bank and credit card companies offer EMIs and zero-interest loans for smartphones. But the question is 

Credit cards and loans postpone your expenditure and stretch finances - which could lead you to a debt trap. 

Can You Really 

Cost Over Usage 

It’s not just about the initial cost, but the cost over the usage period.

How many years will this phone be with you? Instead of focusing on just price, look at the phone’s durability, technology and dependability.



Like cars, mobile phones are depreciating assets and need to be replaced on the regular.

Outdated technology and wear-and-tear would mean replacing the phone at least once in three years. so keep this in mind when spending.

Budget & Save

Experts recommend spending about 5%-10% of your annual income on personal items.

A smartphone shouldn’t overshoot these sub-limits of your household budget.

when purchasing a phone, ensure your investments and financial goals are not compromised. 

 Start A Phone Fund

Try and start a fund as soon as you have made a decision to buy a new phone. This will help you take steps to cut unnecessary spending and put it all towards your phone. 

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.