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A few questions about your different household expenses

Financial Health Checkup

How it works:

Answer a few questions

This will take 5-7 minutes, and help us understand your financial status. Remember, more details will get you a more accurate report!

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See a holistic view of your financial health, from investments to insurance and more.

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Our recommendations will help you improve your score and maintain your financial health over time.

Oops, you need to be between 20-90 years to complete the wealth checkup
Include salary/CTC or main business income. Do not include rent and other sources of income.
/ year
/ month
Include dividends, interest payout etc.
/ year
Include rent, food, groceries, entertainment, domestic help, credit card EMI. Do not include other EMIs, insurance premiums, SIPs.
/ month
Include school fees, vacations, furniture, insurance premiums, maintenance.
/ year
Do you own property?

Include land, apartment etc.

/ month
Include education, car, personal loan etc. Do not include credit card bills.
/ month
Have you invested in any of the following? (optional)
Do you have health insurance?
Do you have any dependants?
Think of people who need your financial assistance for survival (e.g. spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters etc.)
Are your dependants covered?

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