Why should I invest through Scripbox?

In addition to help you plan your financial goals, Scripbox: 

  1. Helps your hard earned money grow for you based on the kind of growth you would prefer whether it is active or balance or safe.
  2. Easy investment process
  3. Automated tracking of how your investments are performing 
  4. Timely alerts in case if there is any change required to your plan. 
  5. Timely account statements
  6. Smart withdrawal (Tax efficient withdrawal) 
  7. No false promises or hidden terms and condition. We make our service as transparent and user friendly as possible.

At Scripbox, we believe that every investment should be for a specific purpose. To stay on track and ensure that your purpose is fulfilled, Scripbox acts as your financial advisor by customising your plan (well informed choice) thereby ensuring that your money works for you.

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