What is “Choose your own funds” & how does it work?

“Choose your own funds” helps you to invest in the funds which are not recommended by Scripbox.

You can choose to invest in Scripbox recommended funds along with the funds of your choice.  

To invest in the funds of your choice, login to your Scripbox account & select the offering in which you want to invest. Once you are in the “Recommended Funds and Amounts” screen, click on “I want to change fund/amount” & then on “I want to pick my own funds”. 

Please note: 

  • Long Term Wealth: Search is limited to equity and hybrid funds
  • Short Term Money: Search is limited to debt funds 
  • Emergency Fund: Search is limited to debt – liquid funds
  • Tax Saver Plan: Search is limited to equity tax saving funds

Click here to view the steps to invest in mutual funds.

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