How often will you review the funds you are recommending?

The review of the funds will be done annually. 

The review frequency was tested by our research team. One-year review has adequate data to give the best recommendations. It is also in line with what most experts suggest – review your portfolio every year.

At the end of 12 months, we will ask you to “Replan”. In this, you will take stock of your progress, the changes in planning assumptions and the amount you need to invest given the changes.

Mutual funds recommended to you are relevant for 12 months from when you start investing.

At this time, we will suggest the funds appropriate to you based on

  1. Goal
  2. Time to goal
  3. Amount invested
  4. Your growth preferences

Scripbox fund selection is not based on removing an underperforming fund. Every time we select our portfolio of funds, we do the fund selection from scratch & recommend better performing funds. 

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