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How is Scripbox different from my broker, financial planner, bank or other financial websites?

What is common between Scripbox and other online platforms: All of us will help you carry out a transaction of investing and redeeming from mutual funds.

What's different: Our focus goes beyond just the transaction. We actually track your portfolio, provide annual review and assist you in making your money work hard for you.

Almost all online brokers provide more choice (all the 8,000+ funds and a few other options) and you should choose them if that’s important to you. However, if you are looking for automated best practice investing, Scripbox is your answer.

We provide certain unique features such as the tax-efficient withdrawal, capital gains statement for income tax return filing etc which make your life easy.

Scripbox works for both beginners and advanced investors. Our customers like our simplicity and our focus on long term wealth accumulation for customers rather than just the transaction.


Opening an account



Shortlisting and selection

Not RequiredRequired

Automated review of recommendation

Helping to invest with the necessary steps



Filling a fund applicationNot Required Required

Signing cheques

Not Required


Ability to invest onlineYesSometimes

Smart Withdrawal


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