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How do I add a family member or my child to my Scripbox investment account?

Login to your Scripbox account and click “Add a Family Member”. Enter all the details in online form that follows. Once you finish filling the form, you will receive an e-mail with pre-filled documents pertaining to the family member your are adding to your Scripbox account. 

  1. Please print, sign and mail (or courier) these documents to us - this includes a KYC form and a form to link your bank account (to automate your investments). If the family member is already mutual fund KYC compliant, the KYC form and address proof copy is not required. Otherwise, both these are mandatory. A copy of the PAN card is also mandatory.
  2. If you are adding a minor (a child) as a family member, you (the guardian or parent) will need to sign the pre-filled form to link your bank account. The KYC form is not required as long as the parent or guardian is already KYC compliant, which is typically always the case for Scripbox customers who already have active accounts. Address and ID proofs of the minor are also not required. However, a birth proof is required instead e.g. child’s birth certificate, passport copy, school-leaving certificate or Aadhar card.

Please note, if you add a minor, but choose to use your own bank account (not in the minor’s name), then you can only withdraw investments in the minor’s Scripbox account, when the child turns 18. However, if you use a bank account in the minor’s name, withdrawals can be done into that account any time. You should ensure that the guardian indicated for the bank account is the same as that of the minor’s Scripbox account. 

Finally, it is not possible to have just a minor account with Scripbox. Only after the parent or guardian opens their Scripbox account, is it possible to add a minor account and invest with Scripbox in the child’s name.

Hope we helped! Why not get started with your Scripbox.
If you need further assistance please feel free to reach us at 1800-102-1265