What communications will I receive from Scripbox and from third-parties after I sign-up with Scripbox?

From Scripbox (all e-mails, except where specifically mentioned as SMS or call):

During registration

  • E-mail verification request with a 6 digit code sent to your e-mail address
  • If you are on DND, a SMS with a number to call if you still wish to be contacted by us moving forward
  • Once you’ve fully registered, the pre-filled KYC form (if applicable) and form to link your bank account for enabling monthly investments(SIPs) to your verified e-mail address
  • Same or next business day welcome call to answer any questions you have
  • Occasional reminder e-mails and calls to complete your registration process,  if you haven’t already done so 
  • Appointment reminder by SMS (whenever we are visiting you)
  • Printed KYC form and a form to link your bank account delivered at your correspondence address – upon your request
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of your KYC form, PAN & address proof copies, ‘Link your bank account’ form by us
  • Account activation confirmation or document discrepancy notification
  • Confirmation of linking your bank account for enabling monthly investments (after which you can automate monthly investments)

Once your account is active

  • Confirmation of every investment you have placed, including those in the future
  • Reminders to keep bank account funded for upcoming auto-debit investments (either one-time or monthly)
  • Success or failure e-mail notifications for one-time (NetBanking) and auto-debit investments
  • Monthly account balance (net investment and current value) e-mail and SMS
  • Notification of changes in our recommended funds (annual for equity funds, as and when required for debt funds)
  • Thrice a year reminder to run the ‘Scripbox Portfolio Scan’ on the overall investment portfolio


  • We add you to our Twice-a-month newsletter starting from the time your register. You can opt out of receiving it by using the “Unsubscribe” option in every newsletter e-mail

You can unsubscribe from most of these e-mails if you wish – although this may lead to a deterioration in service for you. If you ask us not to call you, we will not do so.

We do not share your e-mail and phone number with any third-party sales companies. However, in order to enable you to invest, we do share your communication information with the the mutual fund companies and SEBI-regulated KYC registration agencies (e.g. CAMS, Karvy, CDSL, NSDL). 

From individual mutual fund companies & their vendors (all e-mails, except where specifically mentioned as SMS, call or hard-copy letter):

  • Transaction confirmation e-mail and SMS once your investments/withdrawals are processed by the mutual fund
  • Statements for each investment in each mutual fund
  • For some funds, a paper hard-copy letter confirming your first investment. You can E-mail us to have this suppressed if you wish
  • Monthly consolidated account statement (“eCAS”) with list of all transactions and investments for all mutual funds
  • Debit card and PIN mailer from Reliance mutual fund delivered to your KYC address, if you’ve requested for one. These will be in two separate letters

Please note the frequency and content of these messages is not within Scripbox’s control.

From SEBI-regulated KYC registration agencies (e-mail unless mentioned otherwise):

  • KYC verification confirmation during registration when you are doing KYC for mutual funds for the first time. This could also be a paper letter at the address in your KYC form (the one you provided Scripbox with an address proof) or a SMS.
  • If you are already KYC compliant, one or more notifications when respective mutual funds request your KYC data to open an account for that specific mutual fund

You cannot unsubscribe from these. However, they are infrequent.

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