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When can I withdraw money from ‘Wealth Edge’?

There is no lock-in period for the investments made in the funds under ‘Wealth Edge’. But in case you wish to withdraw your funds within a year of investing, the mutual fund company charges an exit load of 1% of...


Will my withdrawals from ‘Wealth Edge’ be tax optimised?

No currently withdrawals won’t be tax optimised, we are working on a way to build this for the new plan.


How are the earnings on US-equity funds taxed?

For earnings on US-equity funds, your earnings will be taxed similar to non equity funds as explained below: You have to pay taxes on your capital gains to the income tax department. The difference between purchase price and the sale...


What is a sub-asset class?

Based on the nature of their growth, financial investments are divided into asset classes: Equity: Investors directly, or indirectly (via a mutual fund), own a share (equity) of a company and expect their investment to appreciate as the value of...


How does Switch to Liquid work?

Money will be moved from equity to liquid funds within the same mutual fund house. We will pick the appropriate destination funds (liquid funds) as soon as you choose the source funds (equity funds). Your money is transferred to the...

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