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Why do people with larger portfolios need more sub-asset classes/funds?

Multiple sub-asset classes exist because they have different return characteristics and are used by fund managers to construct and manage your money. A Diversified sub-asset class where the fund manager makes the allocation decision is a good way to participate...


Why have you included Mid Cap?

Mutual funds within Diversified sub-asset class have approximately 50% of their investments in mid cap stocks. Therefore, Long Term Wealth investors are already investing in mid caps via Diversified. For larger portfolios, a specific allocation to Mid Cap allows the...


Scripbox did not offer mid caps earlier. What changed?

Two things changed: One, with SEBI’s standardisation of mutual fund categories, sub-asset classes have become more sharply defined and funds following diversified strategies have become limited. Two, the size of portfolios that our customers, like you, are maintaining with us...


Why have you included US Equity?

The US economy has different factors affecting it from those that affect our economy in India. Your investments in US Equity will therefore behave differently from those in Indian Equity providing you diversification advantage. There is an additional currency element...


How are International fund of funds taxed?

International fund of funds, through which you will invest in US Equity, are taxed as non-equity funds in India. The short-term capital gains tax is at your slab rate if units are held for less than 36 months, while the...

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