One Touch Payment


I don’t have a Fingerprint/Face ID stored in the device at the time of setting up my PayPIN. Can I enable my Fingerprint/Face ID later?

Yes, you can add your Fingerprint/Face ID in your device and enable it later. While doing a repeat transaction with Scripbox you will see ‘Enable Fingerprint/Face ID’ checkbox. You have to enter your Scripbox PayPIN to enable the new Fingerprint/Face...


I changed/added my Fingerprint/Face ID on the device recently. Do I have to enable the new Fingerprint/Face ID for payment again?

Yes, you need to enable the new Fingerprint/Face ID again in your Scripbox app by entering your Scripbox PayPIN while making your next payment.


Would One Touch payment be enabled for all my Fingerprints/Face IDs, or only for the Fingerprint/Face ID which I used during the onboarding process?

One Touch payment would be enabled for all the Fingerprints/Face IDs registered on the device at the time of onboarding.


What if my device doesn’t have Fingerprint/Face ID sensor?

If your mobile device does not have a Fingerprint/Face ID sensor, you can use the Scripbox PayPIN for making payments instead of going through the cumbersome process of entering a username, password, grid numbers, security questions and OTPs.


Can I choose to skip Fingerprint/Face ID authentication?

Yes, in the Scripbox PayPIN creation screen just uncheck ‘Enable Fingerprint/Face ID’ check box. Now you can make your payment by just using Scripbox PayPIN and you don’t need to enter username, password, grid numbers, security questions and OTPs for...

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